Video: Translogic Takes A Tour Inside BMW’s e-Mobility Lab, And Test Drives The Active E

SEP 11 2012 BY STAFF

BMW Active E And "Solar Tree"

Translogic takes a trip to silicon valley and into BMW’s e-Mobility Lab in Palo Alto, California.

BMW Active E - 170 hp, 100 Miles Of Range

The purpose of the BMW tech center is to pre-test and integrate new features that go along with electric vehicle ownership; such as a “solar tree,” which is basically a solar augmented, level 2 charging station, and also something called BMW’s Smart home system.

BMW states that when using the “solar tree” in conjunction with their converted 1-series Active E, the extra solar energy allowed for over 800 additional miles of all electric driving not taken from the grid.

The host of Translogic, Bradley Hasemeyer also takes the Active E out for a spin on southern California roads and gives his opinion of the car (he likes it).  Approximately, 700 Active Es were built for the US as a test fleet/precursor to BMW’s upcoming i3.

So, as long as you don’t have a problem watching men in tight pants sit awkwardly on bar stools, we think the video is worth a look.

Translogic/AOL Autos

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