Video: Toyota Prius Collides With Electric Bus


This isn’t an everyday occurrence.  That’s for sure.

Apparently This Prius Driver Doesn't Know How to Check His or Her Mirrors

Apparently This Prius Driver Doesn’t Know How to Check His or Her Mirrors

When we happened upon a video showing an electric bus/trolley plowing through an unsuspecting Toyota Prius (non plug-in version), we couldn’t resist posting it here.

Watch as the Prius driver veers right into the path of the electric bus.

How in the heck did the Prius driver not see that massive, passenger-hauling electric one lane over?  Who knows, but it definitely makes for an “oops” moment.

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Hmmm, no other cars turned into the path of the train. This is very suspicious. Something is up with Prius steering, and it must be investigated. Toyota has clearly placed an unsafe car on the market.

Tram no stop on Rouble (too heavy)

Something about a pretty lady driver Turing in front of the Tram.
Maybe a Russian speaker can translate the observation cars commentary !

Martin, the comments are just a lot of “blah, blah”:
Approximate translation:
Female voice: OMG!…
Female voice (when the driver tried to move after collision): It’s useless to move… too late..
Female voice: Wandering if we caught this on video…
Male voice: Sure!
Female voice: It’s good that the driver is alive. The driver is very strange. His air-bag wasn’t activated. Thanks God! Why does he still try to move? What an assh*le!
Male voice: The car was punctured by the tram’s front metal bar (for towing).
Female voice: Oh, it’s a male driver! And the women are considered to be dumb! No way!

enjoy 🙂

It’s not a bus but a socalled light rail. Light like an F150 is for ‘light duty’. In reality it’s super stupid heavy.
And cars tangoing with these trains seems to be a common problem. I am very far from convinced that these “light rails” are good to install in cities but a lot of municipals are considering doing that out of sheer boredom and vacuousness.

Like your comments.