Video: Toyota NS4 Plug-In Shows Up In Buenos Aires

JUN 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 6

Put Into Production Or Not, The Toyota NS4 Plug-In Shows The Future Of Toyota Styling

Put Into Production Or Not, The Toyota NS4 Plug-In Shows The Future Of Toyota Styling

Several years ago Toyota challenged their engineers to design a “new mid-sized concept for potential global market introduction by 2015,” the result was the plug-in Toyota NS4.

Toyota NS4 Interior

Toyota NS4 Interior

That was January of 2012 at the North American International Auto Show.

Since then we have heard (or seen) little about the the attractive ‘future tech’ Toyota.  That is until the 6th Annual Buenos Aires International Motor Show got underway last week.

Toyota has dusted off the the NS4, gave it some center stage time and put out a new extended promotional video; which could foreshadow the introduction of a model based on this concept.

Toyota says the car does “signal a new styling direction for the Toyota brand aimed at creating an emotional connection with consumers.”

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Wow, not only did they keep the Prius beak, they made it bigger/worse.

Maybe this should be called the N4S (not for sale).

I think it looks fantastic. About time Toyota departed from boring.

A Toyota Volt….concept. Wake me up when you have something interesting.

I have a hard understanding Toyota and their on again/off again romance with plug-ins. This car would be the thing of nightmares for Toyota’s competitors if they would bring it to market. We’re looking at a mass market, Plug-in Electric sedan, roughly the size of a Camry, and coming from the experts in hybrids. Priced right, this would sell extremely well IMHO. But Toyota just won’t put a ring on her finger. I don’t know if they are scared of diluting the brand equity the Prius has built, or if they haven’t comfortably cracked the cost issue of expensive batteries? Is it because Toyota is just being typical slow and methodical?

Meant to say “…hard time understanding”. (Me need edit button!)

Felt like I was watching an anime, or Power Rangers…