Video: Toyota i-Road Leans and Weaves Its Way Down Crowded Streets


Just in case you missed it, the adorably small Toyota i-Road leans.  Think a motorcycle-type lean, controlled not by a human, but by a micro-processing machine that Toyota refers to as Active Lean technology.

Hey I'm Over Here, Look At Me!

Hey I’m Over Here, Look At Me!

The electric Toyota i-Road made its worldwide debut in early March at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.  It may not have been the star of the stage, but it certainly wooed some media types who couldn’t get enough of the i-Road’s topsy-turvy way of moving around.

Here, the Toyota i-Road is back in action again, this time on crowded streets.  This urban environment is where the i-Road would be most at home if it ever makes the jump from concept to production machine.  Just look at that lean!!!

As Toyota says:

“Turn corners smoothly with the i-ROAD’s Active Lean technology.”

Yes.  Smoothly.  But we’d bet it would feel a bit freaky behind the wheel, too.

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CGI video, there are real products like this already in use.

i-Anything should earn them a call from Apple’s lawyers in 3… 2… 1…

Toyota has a great concept (Narrow, Enclosed, Tilting, Commuter); BUT its limited performance (30 mi. range, 28mph speed) severely limits its practicality and marketability in today’s society. While less than 30mph might be OK for a city center; getting there on 45-55mph roads would be impractical and dangerous. Most city dwellers live in apartments and high rises and would find parking, storing and recharging impractical. Might be good for a “Car Sharing” business. Now if Toyota could come up with an i-Road-2.0 with 100 mile range and a top speed of 65-75mph, then they would have the “Commuter of the Future” for suburbanites , and would sell hundreds of thousands; I know I’d buy one!