Video: Tony Hawk Finds Unique Use for Tesla Model S Backup Camera


“A new use for Model S’ HD backup camera. Thanks Tony!”

Diggin' Tony' Hawk's Ride

Diggin’ Tony’ Hawk’s Ride

Declares Tesla Motors via its Facebook page.

We already witnessed how impressed IGN Tech was with the Model S backup camera, but what other uses are there for this trick piece of functional hardware?

Tony Hawk found a unique use, but we’re sure that other Model S owners discovered that the backup camera is not only for use while backing into a tight spot.

Remember, this camera functions while moving forward too.  What creative uses can you imagination?

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Would it be useful for looking behind you to change lanes vs. the rear view mirror?

I have talked to many owners that use it specifically for rear visibility while driving. The curved rear window limits the visibility through the rear view mirror, and the HD camera seems to catch the blind spots. The HD camera also just got added as a standard feature in the new options.

I wonder if there’s a hack for the Volt’s rear view camera so it can be on while driving forward.

Don’t do this at home, kids…

It would be great it it had a Record Mode too.