Video: The Verge Drives the BMW i3


At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, BMW wheeled out several i3s for test drives.  Some of those i3s powered down the Las Vegas strip.  Others hit a nearby race track.

The Verge Tests Out the BMW i3 at CES 2014

The Verge Tests Out the BMW i3 at CES 2014

The Verge decided to takes its i3 testers beyond “glitzy Las Vegas Strip for a look at what this battery-powered family hauler can do.”

Here’s video of the i3 put out by The Verge.

Of interest in this video is the discussion of the various i3 driving modes, the focus on carbon fiber and the plugging into a CCS quick charger.


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Definitely not a fair comparison at the end with the Tesla saying it took the Tesla longer to get to 80% charge… First of all, the Tesla has a much larger battery. But second of all, they were using a DC fast charger on the BMW and a standard Level-2 on the Tesla.


Yes he has no clue about chargers. Why drive testers do not educate themselves before made this comments?

But on the standard L2 charger shown… It takes about 3-4 hrs vs how many hours for the Tesla?

Unusually poor post from the verge.
BMW not using the de facto standard quick charge so you can use the ones that are available throughout the US, instead relying on hope that someone (not BMW or gm) will someday roll out a CCS charger.

No mention of how tiny the car is.

Are you guys gonna suffer us through every single time some tech-junkie
grabs a camera to do a “report” on i3 to it’s viewers? How many times
must we watch reviewers explain the i3 is made of “carbon fiber”? – It’s not.
It’s CFRP – Injection molded plastic with a carbon fiber layer that’s glued over
it for strength. We’ll all agree it’s an ingenious way to employ CF in a cheaper
way…It’s also a way to have people worldwide laud that it’s made of carbon

Cars like the Volt have been mislabeled and misreported on since their inception.
Sadly, with Volt – reviewers claim it’s an “electric car with a range of 40 miles”, or
say it has a “CVT transmission”…all of which are untrue and give the car a
poor reputation. These BMW reviewers saying i3 is carbon fiber give it a big
push as the mainstream passes on these clueless tidbits as fact and BMW reaps
PR rewards.

I just watched the video again, and the guy actually says: “…if you open the door, the frame of the car itself is actually all made of carbon fiber”. – uh, guy…it’s aluminum, ok? I hate this stuff! Actually, CFRP cost a lot of money to develop, and I believe if you Google Alcoa Aluminum auto components, you’ll see the big news is that they’re making and marketing lots of new, lower-cost components and manufacturing processes to automakers. Ford took notice and as most of you know, are building the next F-150’s body all of aluminum. One reason this is cost-effective now is that one of Alcoa’s largest customers, Boeing, and other airplane builders are opting for carbon fiber in their new designs ( see 787 ) which is putting a fairly large dent in the aluminum business. This slack can be taken up by automakers looking for lighter weight bodies and frames to meet fuel economy mandates. Let the auto repair industry evolve and become efficient at repairing aluminum because it’s fair to say this is where the majority of autodom will go. Kudos to BMW for making carbon fiber look doable on affordable cars. Their process cost a… Read more »
More fallacies of this report are the prices mentioned. He says i3 is “around $40,000”, and Model S, “$100,000” . Again, misleading. Sure, info geeks like you and me will see this is error and know those numbers are extreme and make i3 look good. What slays me is that Joe Normal out there eats this kind of quick info fix up and then Tweets and Facebooks this misinformation around until it enters the public mindset as fact. The war is in the details…and perhaps that’s where the Chevy Volt was always doomed to fail. How to explain a car that is best for how 80% of us drive, when we ourselves don’t analyze how we drive? Is this how VHS won over BETAMAX? It’s cheaper and easier to describe to the throngs who’ll buy it, even though it’s inferior? “JUST THE FACTS MA’AM, JUST THE FACTS”, the police investigators used to famously say on TV as their tagline…. The importance of important details seems to fade away in our “information age”. Everyone with access to easily foist these lousy bits of media on the unsuspecting public. People just do not have time to fact-check. It’s why Fox News and… Read more »

Also, I’ve seen enough reviews of the i3 for a while. The only review I want to see is somebody driving it a few hundred miles on the range extender and tell us what that is like.