Video: The Street Defends Tesla Motors and Elon Musk


The Street, an American financial news and services website, has taken on the mission of defending the honor of Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk.

Musk approves, as is clearly shown in his Tweet below.

Musk Tweets His Thanks to The Street

Musk Tweets His Thanks to The Street

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11 responses to "Video: The Street Defends Tesla Motors and Elon Musk"
  1. Foo says:

    All I get from this Rocco baffoon is he must own some underwater TSLA stock right about now. I’ve only known him to either heavily pump stock he’s invested in or heavily bash stock he’s shorted.

    1. MDEV says:

      Are you mad that the Tea Party has not come up with a coal powered car?

      1. Benjamin says:

        Umm…. most EVs are coal powered to some extent. (Volt owner 5686)

        1. Foo says:

          Um, no… not most. Less than half of the US electricity production is fueled by coal. And, since “most” EVs are currently located on the west coast, where electricity is primarily produced using natural gas and hydroelectric energy sources, most EVs are powered by natural gas and gravity.

          As far as coal predominating electricity production in general, it’s a myth. “Most” of the US is powered, in fact, by natural gas, nuclear, and other renewables (hydroelectric, etc.). Only about 40%, and descreasingly, is sourced from coal.

          1. CherylG says:

            You mean EVs are typically powered by carbon based fuels (including coal) and nuclear?

            1. io says:

              @CherylG, I trust you were trolling as usual, but you just shot yourself in the foot quite nicely here.

              The main power source for EVs and plug-ins in California is actually [tada!] solar.
              39% of drivers produce their own power this way:

              As turning oil into gasoline is a very energy-intensive process (see e.g. and very little of the power refineries use come from renewables, regular gas cars actually end up relying on nuclear, natural gas etc MORE than plug-in vehicles.

              [Regular cars use more coal too, of course, but as coal accounts for only 0.8% of the electricity generated in CA (, is it even worth mentioning anymore?]

        2. David Stone says:

          EVs CAN be powered INDIRECTLY by coal. They CAN by polluting.
          Gas cars can ONLY be polluting.

          And why this is always and only an issue with evs.
          How about making small ices for devices, because right now
          washing machines
          coffee makers
          mobile fones
          are all powered by coal to some extent.

          1. Foo says:

            Nobody said EVs don’t cause any pollution. But, powering an EV, even by way of burning fossil fuels, already generates much less overall pollution than refining and burning the gasoline required to travel the equivalent distance in a comparable ICE vehicle.

            Also, an ICE vehicle can never do anything BUT burn fossil fuels, and will always pollute (usually more and more as it ages). Whereas an EV can be powered by “anything”, even totally renewable sources, and has the potential become less and less polluting over time — all without modification.

      2. Foo says:

        No, what I said has nothing to do with politics. I own an EV. Rocco is just an self-interested stock manipulator in general.

      3. David Stone says:

        If you are going to counter someones post, at least read it properly.

        He did not critisize evs.
        He critisized a person, and no for simply what he said, but his probably reasons for saying it.

  2. kdawg says:

    I find this somewhat ironic. He seems to be trying to get attention, by complaining about people that are trying to get attention.