Video: The Smoking Tire Catches a BMW i8 With the Hammer Down


While filming an upcoming episode of The Smoking Tire, an unusual vehicle appeared on scene.

BMW i8 Caught Testing

BMW i8 Caught Testing

The unsuspecting BMW i8 (still dressed in full blue swirly camo) immediately became the center of attention and the test driver didn’t seem too keen on being caught on film.

As the video shows, upon noticing the rolling cameras, the BMW i8 driver took it upon himself to put on a bit of a show (or flee the scene).

Rather than just roll out of view, the i8 driver decided to put the hammer down, which oddly enough reveals something we’ve not yet heard from the i8: the roar of its exhaust.

So, as a note to test drivers caught on film in the future, don’t hammer it in haste, as you just might end up revealing more than you or the automaker had hoped.


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thought the tire caught on fire

Hmm, kinda noisy. I’d prefer a silent acceleration.

So there we have it, a Model S seats 7 and kicks i8’s
butt 0-60, and possibly in the 1/4 mile while in silent,
rail gun-rollercoaster bliss whilst the pricey Beemer
that can possibly seat 2 little people ( I highly respect little people ) in back, sounds like any other ignite-and-explode, gas burner when asked to accelerate hard….hmmmm. Who is gonna buy this thing, anyway?

Is that a Highway Patrol car on the shoulder there
as the BMW speeds away? If the guy got pulled over,
that would be one bad day for one test engineer!

Sounds like the transmission shift points are pretty aggressive for efficiency.

So “The Smoking Tire” just so happened to be all hanging out together with multiple people in different strategic locations for getting great shots and there JUST HAPPENED to be an i8 there. And there just happened to be a hired police detail sitting at the exact place on the street where they were filming… yeah that’s definitely not staged.