Video: The Electric Revolution of 1984


Back in 1984, the electric revolution got underway.

1984 Electric Van

1984 Electric Van

It’s not a revolution that’s well known, but it was the start of something that would later change the automotive world.

This film here is a digital transfer from an original 16mm print.  It was made by Anvil Film and Recording Group for The Electricity Council.

You’ll see in the video that:

“Five examples of electric commercial vehicles are demonstrated at work with major operators. Traffic compatible electric vehicles are shown to be a credible alternative to petrol and diesel in fleet applications.”

So, even way back in 1984, it was known that electric was a credible alternative to ICE.

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No idea why, but I feel like this clip needs to be added to any discussion about video from the 80s

You made my day! Thanks for this contribution.

Wow, the music is very similar!

I find the date in the article, a tad ironic.

The first electric car was usually attributed to Thomas Parker, in 1884. Yes, 1884. This inventor shared some similarities to today’s Elon Musk (interest in mass transit, pollution reduction etc.)…

With todays technology, mass production, cost lowering and clean power generation– there really are no more excuses to delay the switch to pure electric propulsion now; after almost a century and a half.

Really like the ICE to electric motor parst compare sequence starting at 7:25

So why didn’t the revolution happen?
The electric milk floats were a common sight when I was a kid, but I don’t remember any other electric vehicles at that time.