Teslacam Dashcam Captures Tesla Model 3 Barely Avoiding Crash


No road rage this time around, but there is still some scary footage.

This Teslacam dashcam clip shows us a really close call in which the Tesla Model 3 barely avoids a wreck.

As you’ll see in the clip, the Tesla Model 3’s active accident avoidance systems (such as front radar & Automatic Emergency Braking) stepped in to keep the car from crashing.

In an incident such as this, the car is typically quicker to react than even a skilled driver and this is what prevents the Model 3 from smashing into the car in front. As the Model 3 in the video changes lanes, the vehicles ahead come to an abrupt stop and collide. From the footage and the video description, it appears as though the Model 3 came within inches of hitting the vehicle in front.

Aside from clips like this, Teslacam has proven useful in capturing the license plates of offending drivers too. Honestly, it’s a feature that should be standard on all cars. Unfortunately, you’ll only find it on Teslas right now.

But with more and more of these types of videos surfacing, as well as those road rage ones, we tend to think that something like Teslacam will become increasingly popular, even at the OEM level.

Video description:

Super close call on I-75 S just north of the perimeter in Atlanta. Footage taken directly from the built in TeslaCam.


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Wow, is that a VW TDI?

TSI, they’re not Diesel cars. They’re gasoline turbo engines – I think.

This one is a TSI but you can get both TDI and TSI in most countries.

You could see that truck in front jamming the brakes on and the suv not seeing it. I’ve had the collision alert alarm go off frequently in our Model 3 when even a car two ahead slams on their brakes. I even had it go off once driving through my neighborhood when there was a kid running toward the street passing behind a parked minivan in his driveway. He didn’t run into the street but I could see him running from the open garage and disappearing behind the minivan. I was paying attention expecting that he might come back out the backside and keep going into the street and that’s when the alert went off. It went off before he reemerged. He stopped just at the back waiting for his parents I guess but I was impressed that it picked up such a small target moving in my direction occluded behind a big opaque object.

Model three, cat like reflexes, good thing there was nobody behind him!

Good thing the brakes were sufficiently powerful to bring it to a fast stop.

I maintain safe distance at all times. one doesn’t need cat like reflex to avoid collision like the one in the video.

Keeping a safe distance and watching what is going on around you at all times, the old term was Defensive Driving.

C’mon. Your video is not at all similar. Your car did not automatically stop; you had plenty of time (by comparison) and slowed yourself down. Your claim of brand bias here is not supported by an objective review of the facts.

I’m guessing this is a reply to a (presumably anti-social) comment removed by the moderators???

Yeah, there was a comment from a Volt owner with an accident video from a dash cam. Shane was responding to that one, I guess it was removed.

On my way home tonight I saw a nice looking lady with her broken down car on the side of the road. Luckily my Tesla was keeping an eye on traffic. Sure enough, just as I was noticing the damsel in distress the pickup truck in front of me quickly came to a full stop. My car sounded the urgent alert and I stopped just in time. Whew!

Some drivers have weird preference for left hand lanes, cars on the right lane seem to be moving faster!

The car that was rammed from behind seems to have no 3rd brake light.

Good Eye ‼️

True, i guess it could have been an old model before that was law.

Person in VW clearly not paying attention, truck ahead brake lights on long before he go punched.

Volvo has had this feature for many years and the most recent Volvo’s are very well equipped for this.

Saved me from 2 highway and 1 city crashes already

Jean-Baptiste Labelle

Too bad NTHSA tests on Volvo showing it only working partly..

If the Tesla driver was a witness to the accident, why didn’t he/she stay on the scene? That video footage would be valuable in any court case – the VW’s brake lights were on for so little its clear to see they weren’t paying attention.

Even though it didn’t seem like a hard crash, people in both vehicles might still be in need of help. Safest thing would have been to overtake the vehicles on the left, park in front, call services and check in on the drivers after making sure it’s safe to exit.

Agree. The right would still not be safe with the passing vehicles, the left side is blocked and so presents a safe area.

Exactly. As far as I know, it’s illegal everywhere to leave the scene of an accident. My other question is why the front car braked so suddenly. Of course the second car was following too closely, but there didn’t seem to be a reason for any sudden braking.

It looked to me like the traffic was slowing down to a crawl in front of the front car.

It seems from your comment that you may never have driven in the Atlanta area before… 🙂

I wonder, why radar systems isn’t mandatory on all new cars (for new trucks it is mandatory at least in Europe).

Forward radar automatic braking is a non-trivial issue. On balance, it will save lives and stop accidents. However, it will also cause them and will create liability for car makers, since it will likely have some percentage of false detects and then cause rear ender accidents. The detection and the algorithm needs to be bulletproof.

Why would that create liability for car makers, though? If there is an accident, it’ll be the fault of the other driver for following without an adequate safety distance.

The liability comes from false positives, which do happen. I have experienced a few a week when I got my 3. They have become less frequent with updates.

Forward radar automatic braking carries as much liability as Tesla’s Autopilot.

If take a look closer, driver should see congestion ahead and can avoid such situation. Thanks Tesla to safe him.

I got rear ended this way. People don’t leave enough space, and aren’t ready to stop. The hell of it was, even though I stopped in time for the car in front it me, it did me no good at all – the car behind me pushed me into the car in front.

The guy in this video had plenty of warning to stop. The lane closure, the flashing lights. The “stop backlash” moves through the line of cars much faster than people expect.

The cops know well that when they close a lane or produce an obstruction like this, it creates secondary accidents.

My Subaru Crosstrek did the same thing too. Technologies these days are amazing when they work.

I believe Subaru and Volvo (among other brands) also have crash avoidance and engages brakes in similar situations.