Video: Tesla Works Around Inability to Advertise in Texas by Letting an Austin Realtor Pitch the Model S


With his keen eye for the obvious, resident pessimist/optimist Jay Cole (aka Editor-in-Chief / Founder of InsideEVs) thinks there’s a slight dig at the Texas dealer association buried somewhere in this video. Whereas I completely disagree.

Slight?  No way.

This is an all-out attempt at getting around Texas’ ban on Tesla and on not allowing the electric automaker to advertise or even discuss most of the important aspects (price being the big one) of its Model S within the state.

Tesla in Texas

Tesla in Texas

Maybe we’re exaggerating a bit.

Tesla can function somewhat in Texas.  The automaker’s employees are allowed to tie their own shoes in Texas…we think.

We See Tesla in Texas...Do You?

We See Tesla in Texas…Do You?

Back to that “slight” dig comment.  If it were “slight,” would Tesla have posted the following on its Facebook page:

“Buying Model S in Texas wasn’t easy for Austin realtor Matt Holm so he took action at the Capitol hoping to help others in the Lone Star State #GoElectric.”

Or this on its YouTube account:

“Realtor Matt Holm is a Model S owner and advocate in Austin, Texas. When he’s not using his car for work and play, he’s fighting the good fight against dealer restrictions for Tesla in the Lone Star State.”

Perhaps it’s an off day for Jay…

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You know that although it is friday, I am still in the office right?

Are you really? I thought you said it was an “off” day?

He meant the coffee maker’s on the blink and
he’s having trouble finding enough photos for his next “wrecked Evs” piece…lol

Hopefully not on Blink’s network…If so, his coffee maker will be in reduced power mode from here on out

Yeah and good luck reaching customer support!

Hmmm. I think 3.3kW will be plenty to make coffee.

You sure? It takes a lot of coffee to keep things moving along at this pace…

Hey Matt Holm and other patriots like him

My message to y’all is:


Mess With Texas!

Great job, keep it up!

Go freedom

From O.P.E.C.

From Big Oil

From lobbyists and paid-off politicians

And auto dealer associations mired in the past

Tesla is really pushing on an open door with this fight. There is no way a cartel of auto salesmen is going to beat the green car maker American auto success story Tony Stark.

Don’t mess with Texas!

You will be exile, for politicians in Texas electric cars are for communist, there is not freedom market in Texas, only to buy assault rifles.

I live in Texas and I love my assault rifle! I even carry mine around in public sometimes.

Now if we can just get those “open carry” folks into the fold, we just
might make a difference – and be well armed doing it!

I “am” one of those “open carry folks.” I’ve surprised a few people showing up at the open carry events in my Chevy Volt with my assault rifle.

Just think how many assault rifles you can fit in a Model S and still have room for the kids in back.

A few dozen Texan Model S owners with their assault rifles surrounding the Texas Dealer association HQ would make then think a little bit, and make quite the news story.


Texas Dealer Ass’n: “DANG! We didn’t hear ’em COMING!!” 🙂

Thank you Matt Holm!

I hope that in Texas and Virginia, come next election, this will become an election issue. All the politicians that voted against free market for autos should be clearly labeled as such during the election so the people know the kind of politician they are electing.

I believe all auto manufacturers should be allowed to sell direct. Rather than restrict Tesla, let us allow them all to sell right out of the factories or through local dealers offering convenience. Today, the convenience is location and no need to travel to pick it up. You pay the destination fee for that convenience now.