Video: Tesla Stock Price Shooting Towards $200?


Recently, Andrea James, an analyst for Dougherty & Co., issued a positive note for TSLA, which then led to the stock’s largest single-day rise in 7 weeks.

TSLA Shooting Towards $200?

TSLA Shooting Towards $200?

James’s strong words for Tesla included a price target increase from $90 to $200.

Some are skeptical if this target price, including Goldman Sachs analyst, Patrick Archambault, who set a 6-month price target at $84 per TSLA share.

But James stands behind her optimistic expectations for Tesla and, shortly after issuing her positive note, she took to the airwaves to discuss why she feels Tesla is a solid bet.

Is $200 too high?  Probably not if Tesla can hit some of the marks that James discusses here, but there are a lot of “ifs” in play, which make it extremely difficult to predict where TSLA will stand in the near future.

Sure, Tesla has come a long way, but a bumpy road still lies ahead.

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