Video: Tesla Motors Press Conference at 2014 NAIAS


In case you missed the live Tesla Motors press conference at the 2014 NAIAS, here’s a video recording of the event.

You’ll see two Tesla execs on the stage:

Tesla Draws a Crowd in Detroit

Tesla Draws a Crowd in Detroit

  • Jerome Guillen – Vice President of World Wide Sales and Service
  • Diarmuid O’Connell – Vice President of Business Development

The video captures almost the entire press coverage, though the end of the Q&A portion is slightly cut off.

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I have seen almostmost everything from this press conference reported on except what to me was the second most interesting. This is the utilization of the Superchargers. They are running at a little under 5% utilization from a miles perspective. This should give analysts and those interested in Teslas future Supercharger needs some idea what will be required as the Tesla fleet grows. Of course one would need more granular data, specifically utilization on the highest traffic days. The Supercharger network also needs to be built out more to cover Tesla owners geographic base better but with the concentration of sales and chargers in California, it looks like the built out utilization will be in the 5-7% range. This is in the range of 50-65K charges thus far.

The electricity cost so far is roughly $1M. A rough estimate for this rough estimate works out to a very roughly $1.5M annually per 10,000 vehicles or about $150/yr per car.

I asked the Tesla reps why they didn’t bring the Model X to the show. They said “As Elon says, were still perfecting it”. Also no official pricing on the X.

I have a strange feeling about Tesla’s presence at the Detroit show this year. I am starting to worry about Elon’s ways, whether he’s not becoming too much of an (you know what) In November Blankenship left the company – I kind of doubt it was that he wanted to be more with his family. He wouldn’t have taken the job with E.M. (who works like a horse) in the first place and I can only guess he would expect to do the same from his VPs. Another thing, this Jerome Guillen guy, he comes across as E.M’s right hand, not really a striking guy, I can imagine him totally admiring Elon and doing everything to please him, but since Elon is beyond capable, maybe it’s not such a terrible thing. I however have this feeling that the “super smart” people (as E.M. likes to call them) are maybe leaving the company and yes men are staying. Another thing is that Model X wasn’t shown at the show. Hmm, maybe they are really finishing it up, but maybe Elon is being stubborn with those Falcon doors and they can’t make them work. I would personally just go for suicide doors…… Read more »