Watch Tesla Model X P100D Race Jeep Trackhawk, Mercedes AMG GLC 63


Electric versus gas in this ultimate, high-powered SUV race.

The Tesla Model X P100D electric SUV takes on the mighty Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, as well as the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63.

The race here is extremely close and it’s not all that easy to see which SUV wins. But we can provide you with a hint. The blue one just ekes out victory in this three-way racing matchup. Its time is 11.8 seconds.

Here’s a look at that finish, which sure is a close one this time around:

Video description:

You asked, we listened!

Lining up against the Tesla Model X P100D and the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 is the 710hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk! We’ve seen the Model X P100D leave all competitors in its wake in previous drag races, but how will it fare against the Trackhawk?

There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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From article: “…Tesla Model X P100D Race Jeep Trackhawk, Mercedes AMG GLC 63…”

Putting aside race performance between these three models, the Tesla Model X’s superior safety attributes should make Model X a no-brainer choice for anybody that is looking to purchase the best *family* SUV hauler.

What is more valuable than protecting your family?

… continued

“Tesla Model X saves a man’s life, one day before his wedding… car involved in a police chase rammed into his Model X …

“Tran goes on to thank Elon Musk for “building an amazing life saving machine” while noting that emergency personnel told him that he was lucky to even be alive after being involved in such a serious crash involving a car going as fast as it was.”- source:

Have you sat inside a Model X rear seats? It is horrible! the interior quality is worse than a car from a 3rd world country and there is no room inside. The 3rd row seats are even worse!
Finally, my biggest criticism is the looks. It is the ugliest SUV in the world.

@James said: “Have you sat inside a Model X rear seats?… It is horrible…”

Yes I have…. but sounds to me from your comment perhaps you have not.

11.8 won? Jeep claims 11.6 for the TrackHawk. Motor Trend ran 11.7. Seems like somebody didn’t launch properly for it to be slower than 11.8. Or sandbagged it.

Or maybe it was run at altitude.

Or headwinds, or reaction time of driver or …..We’re talking tenths of seconds here….