Video: Tesla Model S – Winter Driving in Norway


YouTube uploader and Tesla Model S owner Bjorn Nyland has published several Model S videos now in which he drives the EV in Norway.

Bjorn's Model S in Norway

Bjorn’s Model S in Norway

Bjorn’s work has gone viral, so much so that it’s attracted the attention of Tesla Motors.

This latest video is more of Bjorn driving and discussing his Model S, including how it copes with the winter conditions in Norway and how its range fares in cold weather.

This video will soon be part of the “customer stories” section found on the Tesla Motors website.

What’s so special about Bjorn’s work?  It’s video done right.  Need we say more?

*Bonus Bjorn Video Below: Driving 1600 km/1000 mi and sleeping in the Tesla

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Hi there,

Fun to watch!!!!!!!

Good road with Tesla

Cool. Have watched em all. Congratulations on getting married.
So with Easy Bring he has his own little part time business, with no fuel cost.