Video: Tesla Model S Teardown After Collision


Okay, so it’s not quite what we’d call a teardown, but here we get the rare opportunity to see some of the internals in the front-end section of the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S After Collision

Tesla Model S After Collision

This particular Model S was involved in a collision, with the point of impact being the passenger’s side strut tower area.

We don’t know what the Model S collided with, nor do we know any specifics as to speed of impact or if any of its occupants were injured.

What we does know is this:

“2013 Tesla Model S P85 front end accident, showing extensive damage, cracked firewall. shifted passenger door and strut tower.”

Basically, this Model S is toasted.  Perhaps it’ll make for a good Strechla-like project?

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Looks like a low speed crash into something high that didn’t impact the crumple beams. Maybe a semi. Those are dangerous.

Or a lifted pickup or SUV with a trailer hitch or receiver. At the beginning and the end of the video you can see where the very front structural beam has a big dent right in the middle, but no damage to either side. My guess is that the collision was actually at much slower speeds than most folks might think. Something under 20 mph at the point of impact, with the front end of the Tesla submarining under the bumper of a higher vehicle.

I know the news is super sensitive to Tesla, but I would love to know the number of wrecks that have occurred in one. I thought 16 year old male drivers were supposed to be the insurance red flag. Jeesh!

Is that a 10 liter windshield washing water tank?

Youtube suggested this video of Tesla Club Belgium, where you can see why the Supercharger in Netherlands in one of the most used worldwide.

Nice porno music soundtrack.

Cool, I hope they add solar canopies to more chargers soon. Seems like only a few have solar at this point.?

I guess there a-hole drivers everywhere. Pet peeve as I drove for 20 years. The guy who blew past him and cut him off at the exit.