Video: Tesla Model S Takes On Pontiac GTO at the Drag Strip


Unfortunately, there’s no timeslip to let us know how quickly either of these two vehicles ripped down the strip.

Model S Versus GTO

Model S Versus GTO

Fortunately, that doesn’t matter.

Of interest here is how quickly the Tesla Model S gets off the line.

The Pontiac GTO is a worthy competitor to the Model S (P85 version seen here), but it’s obvious that the GTO just doesn’t have the low-end grunt to keep even with the Model S as soon as the light goes green.

What this brief video really show us is that, in everyday driving, the Model S would feel much quicker than the GTO.

In fact, we’re still not sure we’ve seen a video where the Model S gets beat by any vehicle for the first 50 to 100 feet.   Have you?


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Looks like the P85 jumped the light by a split second but still would have whooped the GTO.

Not to put a damper on it, but is this really a victory comparing a $90k+ car to a car that cost $30k when new? Don’t see it.

Comparing these vehicles based on their price doesn’t make sense. Comparing these vehicles as high-performance sedans does.


BMW i3 beats BMW M3 in 0–30. Electric cars are fast, but unfortunately only the German autobahn speeds matters. Therefore we need more battery capacity for EVs.

BMW i3 v BMW M3 drag race

I agree, the Model S had a better reaction time. 🙂