Video: Tesla Model S Takes On Chevy Volt in 1/4-Mile Drag


In what’s dubbed as one of the quietest 1/4-mile drag races in history, the blazingly quick Tesla Model S is pitted against the pedestrian Chevy Volt.

The result?  Well, let’s say it’s shocking that both vehicles exist, but only one is a quarter-mile monster.

Yes, the Model S easily beat the Volt.

Yes, the Model S easily beat the Volt.

This time, the Model S tripped the lights with a time of  12.562 seconds at a speed of 108.34 miles per hour.  The Volt leisurely crossed the line at 17.201 second at a near-highway-legal speed of 80.36 mph.

Last time out, DragTimes’ Model S set a 1/4-mile record for a production electric vehicle with a time of 12.371 seconds at 110.84 mph.

We know that Tesla’s sedan is quick, both on paper and in the real world.

And just in case you were wondering, Motor Trend’s test of a Volt netted a quarter-mile time of 16.8 seconds at 81.5 mph, so the time set in this electrifying race at Palm Beach International Raceway isn’t too far off the mark.

Enjoy this electrifying video of the Model S versus the Chevy Volt.

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10 Comments on "Video: Tesla Model S Takes On Chevy Volt in 1/4-Mile Drag"

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Tesla should pick someone their own size (battery and motor) 😉

I’d like to see the Volt pitted against a Karma, C-Max Energi, PiP, Fusion Energi, Accord PHEV.

I was thinking the same thing minus the Karma but plus the Leaf.

or the Focus EV…

That said imagine if the C7 had an all electric version!
Will GM ever do something like that? Probably not.

Yes, a Volt/Leaf drag race would be fun to see, and pretty evenly matched.

You can experience that yourself, first-hand, any time you want 😉

You could definitely hear the noisy gas burner behind them taking the video.

The outcome of this race was pretty well known before it started. These vehicles aren’t even in the same class. I would have rather seen the Volt pitted against some gasoline vehicles that are more in its speed class. At least the people in the audience would see that the Volt could hold its own against other common commuter cars.

Please let someone do a drag series of ALL electric massmarket cars – I would looooove to have a page like where I could enter 2 EVs and see their stats 🙂

aaaanddddd…. don’t forget all the bikes, the Zero’S, the Brammos, Vectrix and so on …

Let’s see a “drag” race in the wind tunnel. I’d like to see how Tesla’s 0.24 Cd claim holds up. The Volt is listed as 0.28.

I loved it when the kid off screen (near the end) says “the one on the left is SO quiet”! LOL!