Video: Tesla Model S Takes on Aston Martin Rapide S on the Track


“The Tesla Model S is a landmark car, but is it better than the mighty Aston Martin Rapid S? We take to the test track to find out.”

Tesla Model S Versus Aston Martin Rapide S

Tesla Model S Versus Aston Martin Rapide S

That’s the pre-word to Autocar’s on-track shootout between the Tesla Model S and Aston Martin Rapide S.

Autocar continues with this:

The Tesla Model S is the future…today. It offers most of the usability of the world’s best luxury saloons, but with no tailpipe emissions and a fraction of the running costs. And it handles too. Really handles. But can it really be better than the £150,000 Aston Martin Rapide S? Steve Sutcliffe plugs in, turns on and tunes into what could just represent the future of luxury motoring.”

Without spoiling the video, we’ll simply say that the Model S still remains the vehicle to beat, despite the fact that the Rapide S was believed to be a worthy competitor.

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It’s not like the Model S P85 is the only car, or even sedan for that matter, that can beat a Rapide S.

Quote from this review, “Thus, reducing the Rapide S down to performance numbers misses the point.”

So before we get too excited keep in mind there are faster sedans than either of these if that is what matters to you. Personally, I’d still prefer the Tesla though.

At twice the price of a model S, I think its game over time for the Aston Martin. Perhaps it is time to beg for a Tesla inside refurbishment as the only way to salvation. Although history has strange ways like the nineties come back of the needle watches. But then they will have to make the bodywork transparent so that we can see the chromes of the piston engine.