Video: Tesla Model S Tackles Hoopa Hillclimb


For the first time ever, a Tesla Model S tackled the 2.2-mile Hoopa Hillcimb – a paved run up a curvy mountain road with over 1,100 feet of elevation from start to finish.

Hoop Hillclimb Map

Hoopa Hillclimb Map

As the poster of this video states:

“Running in a 2012 Model S.  Got red flagged due to the previous car leaking oil potentially and had to rerun – look at how beautifully she waves the flag on corner 5! : )”

“My car was getting power limited near turn 6 or so but still pretty fast after that, considering how much it weighs!”

“Only 6 seconds away from the class record for my first ever hill climb run.  Managed to do only a little over 1 second better on my final run, but i think I can squeeze out many more next year.  Already waiting…”

This timed racing event is now in its 25th year of running.  It’s a must-do event for anyone in California and we’d love to see more electric vehicles tackle the hill in the years to come.

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The driver could certainly hit the apexes better, and be smoother!

Fun to watch, though.

“Got red flagged due to the previous car leaking oil potentially” not a problem or environmental mess that the Tesla will cause.