Video: Tesla Model S on Skates on Ice


Tesla Motors’ latest Model S video features the EV on an ice test track in Sweden:

Model S Skates on Ice

Model S Skates on Ice

“Take a look at the lighter side of cold weather driving. We invited some of the most experienced winter driving journalists in the world to test Model S on an ice track in Sweden”

“The result is a delicate dance between vehicle and driver.”

While the video itself could have benefited from Tesla shutting down the traction control (more sideways action is always welcome), it does show that the Model S is controllable in these icy conditions despite being rear wheel drive.

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Will all be moot when AWD “S” and “X” are available.

AWD brings awesome 4-wheel drifting action, for those who have the heart for it. (And the skills to flick an all-wheel drive into a drift and keep everything spinning.)

It is wildly fun in a manual transmission Audi S4 with a power bias to the rear wheels. It should be even easier to program rear power bias into front and rear electric motors.