Video: Tesla Model S Sighting in Abu Dhabi


Though the Tesla Model S is not available for purchase in the United Arab Emirates, one was recently spotted on the roads of Abu Dhabi.

Model S Spotted in Dubai

Model S Spotted in Dubai

Of course, Abu Dhabi, like Dubai, is well known for being packed full of wildly expensive supercars, so seeing a Model S there should not be cause for surprise.

Tesla itself had considered selling the Model S in the United Arab Emirates, but that idea has not been pursued by the automaker as of late.

However, it’s come to our attention that the Model S is now one of the world’s most widely available electric vehicles (referring to its availability in dozens of nations around the globe), so a Model S spotting in far-off lands is sure to become increasingly common.


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Norway has many too.

I think you mean wildly no widely.

wildly expensive.

Somehow I suspect any effort to set up a Supercharger network in Abu Dhabi might meet with some administrative resistance.


Because they are sniffing oil fumes all day.

I think you would be surprised.

I don’t know if I saw the same one, but I saw a white a Model S at the Dubai Mall in January.

All the electricity is made with oil in the United Arab Emirates, but what a fantastic place for solar power.

I think Tesla would do well here if they built solar powered Superchargers.

I just love the symbolism.

If a citizen of the UAE should desire the finest car in the world – one that is so much that other cars cannot touch, why shouldn’t he have the very best?

This should show everyone in the Mid-East what is to come.

I think I read that only 17% of Dubai’s (one of the Emirates of U.A.E.) GDP was from oil. They already know what the future is, and it’s not an oil economy.

That’s why they’ve built a Middle East “London”, with a financial district and a hub of commerce. This has all been done in about 42 years from the sand.

There absolutely will be a Tesla store there, but since there is every other car dealer, there is plenty of competition. Building a Supercharger network, even a free one, is hard to compete with $1.85 per gallon petroleum.

The difference between $1.85 and 0 is still $1.85. But I don’t think people in Dubai would be interested in a Model S to safe money, they will buy it because they hear it’s the best car in the world.