Video: Tesla Model S Road Trip From Brussels to Paris on a Single Charge


A 209-mile road trip in the 85-kWh version of the Tesla Model wouldn’t seem to be pushing the limits of the 265-mile EPA-rated electric sedan, but when the vast majority of the Brussels to Paris trip is done with cruise control set to 70 mph, range could become an issue, right?

It's 208 Miles From Brussels to Paris

It’s 208 Miles From Brussels to Paris

Tesla Club Belgium set out an a Brussels to Paris trip.  The goal was to complete it on a single charge and then to test out IKEA’s fast-charge network.

Here’s the description that’s tied to the video:

“My RoadTrip from Brussels to Paris 336km on a single charge. Driving at 113km/hr in Cruise Control. And using IKEA’s Free Fast Chargers in IKEA Zaventem, Belgium and IKEA Roissy Paris Nord, France.”

Tesla says the 85-kWh version of the Model S can travel 300 miles on a single charge at 55 miles, but what happens when you crank the speed up to 70 mph?  Watch the video to find out how the Model S’ range holds up at typical highway speeds.

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So, this proves that 85KWh model is really a 220 miles range car in the real world with 70mph cruising…

That is interesting since I was wondering if that was possible. Actually for me it should be even more easy because I live South west of Brussels, so that is already somewhat closer to Paris (and London by the way).
This year I move even closer to Paris, since my new villa is still further South west. The very first house on energy piles in Belgium.

70MPH on level ground is about 300kwh with moderate AC use and a 60 battery. With a 85 it is about 305kwh. Add cold, wind, and/or rain and kwh will go up. YMMV.

It would be interesting what are the real world ranges on German autobahns at 130 km/h, 160 km/h and 200 km/h.

Pretty French of them to claim EV parking but don’t mention that the chargers are not installed.

Interesting run, but I’m too conservative to run that low on fuel.

So, IKEA has Chademo chargers in France? And the guy from the video didn’t had the European Chademo-Tesla adapter. But it seams he has the 22kw ac double-charger, because about 80kwh in 4.5 hours is charging at 18kw at average. Nice video, well done!

A very interesting take on long cross-country road trips in Model S. Topography
seemed flat and temperatures not extreme. This looks so good and just think how much
better as Supercharger locations sprout up in more and more locales.

Now if we can just ignore the 1980s porn music that underlies the whole video – we’re
all good*… LOL.

* – Not that I would know from watching such trash — just so as I am told… 🙂

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Belgium and northern France are indeed pretty flat, a great place to fight a war 😉

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the German AutoBild hat testet E-Cars in extreme Conditions. Winter, cold battery and hills ( Pirelli Test Strret in the Alpes)

Tesla 85kw Version Range: 129 Miles
Leaf: 43 Miles
BMW i3: 38 Miles
iMiEV: 38 Miles
ZOE: 37 Miles

Conclusion: E-Cars can not be used in Winter.

I think their next test is driving at recommended Autobahn Speed of 130km/h ( 81,25 Miles /hr) in Winter. You guess the recommendation.



(But my ZOE goes 60+ Miles range in Winter, but i dont have hills, hmmmm )

Don’t forget to say that AutoBild is like a German “Top Gear” on paper 🙂

The only way I can even get close to only 38 miles on my i-MiEV is with the heater on full, defroster on, A/C on (for defrosting), stereo on (with my amp and subwoofer on full), going uphill (both ways!) with the accelerator floored the entire time.


These guys ARE like the fools on Top Gear.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

While driving >80mph?

Yep. Given the i-MiEV’s top speed is 81, that would be floored the entire way. Even the comments on that site aren’t realistic. One commenter said he wouldn’t even consider an EV with less than 1500km of range. Guess is going for their target audience.

I wonder what they did to have the ZOE go less distance than the iMIEV. While the iMIEV might be slightly more efficient, the heat exchanger and bigger battery should give the ZOE an edge. I would expect it to be similar to the Leaf.