Video: Tesla Model S Preview – A Look Into the Past


Or 265 Miles According to the EPA

Or 265 Miles According to the EPA

Every so often, we like to turn back the clock to see whether or not an EV lived up to the hype that was out there prior to its launch.

Looking All Professional

Looking All Professional – Almost As If Tesla Had Made This Video – Turns Out Its By Mr Tesla Lover

This video (not made by Tesla), which hit the YouTubes before the Model S launched, takes us back to those hype-filled days.

We enjoyed this walk down memory lane, as it reminded us that automakers often tout unachievable goals/dreams.

Tesla has never been big on over promising.  Rather, Tesla tends to under promise and then to over deliver.  We like this approach and think it’s one that other automakers should follow.

Time to begin your stroll down memory lane.

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makes me wanna see a model S Tron styles

Most folks who have a Model S, probably don’t realize how high the odds were against it ever existing.

This reminds me of a phrase used to describe dating an engineer:

“The goods are odd, but the odds are good.” 🙂

There were many obstacles, a significant one was the sheer doubt that the Model S is possible. This particular one is now gone, replaced by a question. What else is possible?

That’s a much better question. Hopefully it will be answered by other automakers taking up the challenge of producing highly desirable Electric Vehicles…