Video: Tesla Model S Performance Takes on 6.0-Liter Pontiac GTO


Road racing = illegal, dangerous, jail-worthy and so on.

Model S Races to Catch Pontiac GTO

Model S Races to Catch Pontiac GTO

Don’t do it.

But the folks at DragTimes keep catching on film some Model S match ups that we just gotta watch.

This time ’round, a Model S Performance version chases down a V8 Pontiac GTO with 6.0-liters of fuel-gulping engine under the hood.

Since the GTO gets the lead spot at the light, the Model S is forced to play catch up.

Surprisingly, the Model S…well, just watch the video and you’ll see.

Source: DragTimes via YouTube

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You would think the police would be finding these people and using the video as evidence. That has actually happened before. I’d be afraid to post a video like this even if I was a participant.

queue Will Smith, “Welcome to Miami”…

I’m very uncomfortable with these street based impromptu drags being published. Having been there done that, and now knowing very much better as to how lucky I have been and the cost that others have borne, the road trauma that results is absolutely unacceptable. So very often we see cars wrapped around power poles and smashed into other vehicles as a result of traffic light drags.

This is not what the EV transformation is all about, although outright performance in substantial seamless acceleration can be a benefit.

Sorry about being a wet blanket.

Surely the solution is an 8L V8 then..