Video: Tesla Model S Passes Car Wash Test


Though Tesla advises that Model S owners either hand wash or use touchless automatic car wash systems, this Model S owner in Belgium choose to ignore the words of Tesla.

Rear Camera Catches the Action Out Back

Rear Camera Catches the Action Out Back

As the video shows, this Model S goes through one of those automatic washers that beat and batter the vehicle to get it clean.

How’d the Model S fare?

The owner reports no damage at all and says the vehicle came out all shiny and squeaky clean.

Uniquely, the rear camera catches all the battering out back, so you’ll see what’s going on even when the Model S is covered in suds.

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Painful to watch

What about the guy on Youtube who washes his MS every week in his driveway (or is it washes every day and waxes every week?) who has heavy leaking into the structure around the back hatch and rear doors?

I’m not sure this warrants a news story. But incidentally, I took my Leaf through a very similar car wash yesterday and my front license plate was bent out in the funniest looking “C” shape. I had to take it off and re-bend it back to flat again.

That is a good reason to have a license plate frame, both front and back. I’ve had a “touchless” “laser” car wash bang the front and rear of my car with the nozzle wand. Good thing it was heavily padded and my bumpers were not sandy. I’ve also had a conveyor belt car wash smack my car into the car infront that had just left the belt, but had nowhere to go due to a line at the drying/vacuuming side. The safety shutoff sensors apparently did not work. I started backing out as much as I could spinning wheels in the slippery tunnel as the belt kept pushing my car forward and was lucky that my car did not skid sideways and that there was no car immediately behind mine. Eventually the attendants heard my incessant horn and stopped the line. My license plate screw heads had made deep gouges in the rear bumper of the Mercedes infront. We dragged the manager out and he eventually promised to pay the owner or fix his bumper at a co-owned body shop. How convenient! I left with the feeling this had happened before, the management was rather indifferent about it, and it… Read more »

Oh The humanity.

brave owner

Just because it can be done, doesn’t make it smart.

Ok, I understand a new supercharger unveiling being newsworthy, but how is this so?

The Model S is not made out of egg shells, or porous leaky materials, is it?

I am actually more amused by the double tunnel car wash itself.

What an Idiot.

If I could afford a Model S, I would be hand washing that beautiful vehicle every single day just because it’s such a great vehicle. Side note, my Leaf and I were 6 inches from collision on slick Minnesota roads at an intersection where the other car did not properly yield. My heart dropped as I thought impact was about to come but narrowly missed, makes me sick to think what could have happened to my $35k Leaf – poor mans Model S – but I love my Leaf regardless. Can’t even imagine how I would have felt driving a Model S in a similar situation – not sure I would ever be able to drive a $70k + car in any snow or ice.

I washed our first Model S at such a car wash just one time and had micro-scratches so deep that they could not be buffed out. My experience may be unique, but those rotating strips of fabric obviously contain some of the grit, grime, and dirt from the last 100 cars that went through the car wash. That grit is clearly abrasive and damages the finish. I was so upset that I sold the car and bought another Model S. Never again!

You don’t avoid automated car washes because the S is electric! You avoid it because they wreck the finish.

I took my model S through one last week, damaged the rim of my right rear tire 🙁 It was one of these textile ones, they don’t hurt your paint as much. I do not have the space to hand wash nor the time. It is a car, not a precious jewel, it will be used, it will get scratches, it will wear over time.