Video: Tesla Model S P85 vs Tuned 2008 Mitsubishi Evo GSR


From a dead stop, which one wins?  A Tesla Model S Performance version or a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo GSR?

Model S Takes on Mitsu Evo

Model S Takes on Mitsu Evo

Of course it’s the Model S that wins, but what if the Evo is tuned?

Tuned how?  Pumping out 25 psi with a turbo back exhaust, intake and upgraded clutch.  Now, who’s the champ?

Check out the video and you’ll soon find out.

Source: DragTimes via YouTube

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What a load. The Mitsu short shifted in both races.

This a good video to show how the average driving can access the performance of an electric with much more ease (and both hands on the wheel), than a comparative ICE.

What’s that “put put” clicking noise (both right at the beginning before taking off and then near the end) the gas-burner makes?

Not sure how the the launch control works on it, but the Evo hit the rev limiter on his last shift.

Hehe… all the gear shifting needed *just to keep up* reminds me of all the work done by a stream locomotive engineer… shifting levers, shoveling coal, releasing steam, etc..

One of those cars seems very elegant and 21st century, the other seems like a steam engine.

Soon these gas clunkers will be a thing of the past. Or maybe just a Sunday blast.

Well, the Evo was never intended to be a drag car, but does OK as one. People seem to forget what this car was designed for. Take both cars to the track, and watch what happens. Even better, take the two cars to a mixed track with snow, dirt, gravel, and pavement. On a side note, this Evo (as a base GSR) is under $35,000. Looks like a few thousand dollars parts and a tune made it very fast against a 100K car. There are a lot of evos out there that swap out the turbo and easily push 500 hp. I think this car was only 365ish in wheel hp. Not bad for a 2L engine. Alas, the next Evo XI will be a 500 hp electric hybrid, and when the tuners get that one on the operating table, don’t be surprised to see 1000 hp in years to come. The love and community for these cars (Evo / STi) borders on the fanatic. I love the Tesla, and wish I could afford one, but think the Evo is probably twice as fun to drive. It was designed to be a race car.