Video: Tesla Model S P85 Versus 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z51


Them folks at DragTimes are back at it again.

P85 Ready to Race

P85 Ready to Race

This time, a Tesla Model S P85 is pitted against a formidable drag racer in the form of a 2014 Corvette C7 Z51 with the 6 speed automatic transmission.

As DragTimes states:

“It’s a rehash of our wildly popular Tesla vs Viper race we did last year where we pit new age American electric against modern American muscle and the results were…”

We’re not gonna spoil those results.

You’ll have to check out the video to see which vehicle(s) comes out on top.

Source: DragTimes

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Can’t wait til there’s dual motors and higher voltage in the Model S (and X)..

I just tested the 85, yesterday for the first time. Wow, had to experence the transporter. What a selling point. Seemingly instantaneous “whoops” and “It’s a governed 85 tester”, came from my salesman. That must happen to these guys soooooo many times.

I went into it wondering if it offered better controls for managing range, or at least as good as the Volt’s. I then had to keet telling myself “it doesn’t matter”, as I tried adjusting regen on the fly, tested the seat heat, and looked at the regen display. 340+ days a year, that would all just become stuff, in my 40-60 mile commutes. The strategies of “better use Hold mode, here, heat there”, etc, would all go away. There is no possible way my better half would blissfully exhaust the range through heat, on her typical 50 mile day, no matter the winter conditions, or occassional 3 hours of traffic. Wow, almost time to replace another car.

Northeast rumor: SuperChargers coming to Auburn, MA, not Sturbridge, and Manchester or Concord, NH, not (immediately) White River Jnct.

The TESLA jumped the gun!

No matter what – imagine the guy who bought the C-7 and got beat by a
five door sedan that seats 7!!!! LOL!!!! Actually, it’s a “six door” since the
“frunk” is a cargo area.


Tesla Rocks!

The Tesla jumped the gun by a lot lol

He didn’t get beat if they didn’t start at the same time.

That is the old Moroso Motorsports Park. Worked out there back in another life.

R.I.P. Dick Moroso

I wonder what kind of cameras were used. Probably a gopro. It would have been nice to install the camera inside the car (suction cup looking out the window perhaps) to remove any aerodynamic interference.

I’d like to see a video where they both start at the same time.

They started at the same time. It is just that with electric motor there is instant torque available, so it just seems that Tesla gets a head start. Also traction control is more efficient in electric vehicle.

Good example is that BMW i3 beats far more powerful BMW M3 in zero to 60 km/h, because electric motor gives instant torque at start.

Not in the first race, the Model S started before the final green light lit up. DQ’d.
Looked like both hit their accelerator pedals pretty much even in the second race. The Model S didn’t have as much of a lead at the beginning as it did in the first race.

The Vette was nearly 6mph faster. It would have to lose about 50hp to really be a fair race. The Vette was almost three tenths of a Second quicker in the qtr.

I double checked. Tesla was already moving before the light turned green. Pausing shows it all. Still for a Tesla to keep up with a vette is pretty awesome.

Great! Now charge that Tesla with a solar powered EV charging system equipped with new high efficiency, Hyper X solar panels that offer a better PTC to STC ratio than over 100 of SunPower’s solar panel models and a killer -0.27%/degree C temperature coefficient for nearly half the cost of a SunPower system and then you’ll really win some races.

heavy 5+2 seat family sedan quicker than the latest sporty 2 seat vette

love hearing the vette struggle and thus emitting tons of toxic fumes into the air while the tesla keeps accelerating away with ease and silence and no tailpipe emissions.

instant torque = “head start”

acceleration is what matters, top speed is absolutely worthless, you cant go 80+ on city streets. You can only go fast like that on fictional pavements. The real world is what matters and the Tesla dominates in every which way.

Elon and Franz did exactly what they wanted to do and built the best damn car on the planet

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