Video: Tesla Model S P85 Shows Up in Madrid


It seems that soon the Tesla Model S will be nearly as global an electric vehicle as the Nissan LEAF.

Now Found in Madrid

Now Found in Madrid

What started in California and then spread across the US before getting to Canada, has now crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific.

The Model S is becoming increasingly common in parts of Europe now.  This latest example showed up in Madrid, Spain.

Of interest is that the passerbys all seem to notice the Model S and that the driver puts on a brief tire-chirping show.

Word is that the Model S just arrived in China, so let’s hope we see some video of one being driven there too.

We can only hope that the Model S craze that started in North America will continue on in Europe and Asia.

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I want 1 here in Cairo Egypt AFRICA. It is cheaper than a BMW 5 series.

Can you import one from across the Sea? I don’t see Tesla having a problem eventually selling the cars in Africa, S. America, or Australia. Pretty much any continent but Antarctica.

Why not Antarctica? Being electric it should have less problems with cold then a diesel vehicle. Once you plug it in it can keep the battery at temperature and even preheat the cabin. Running for wind generated electricity it would also be green and there is plenty of wind in Antarctica. Of course you will need some good nail tires or at least chains to drive on the ice and snow.

But there will be no Tesla service when you do self import.

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