Video: Tesla Model S P85 Performs “Silent” Burnout


The “silent” burnout is now apparently the term applied to electric vehicles that spin tires.

The "Silent" Burnout

The “Silent” Burnout

Though it’s not even close to silent, we get what DragTimes is saying.

All you’ll hear in this video is the screeching of rubber.

There’s no rumbly exhaust to mask the sound of the tires going up in smoke.

Instead, you hear only the hundreds of dollars of rubber turning into nothing but smoke.


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Yep. The good old days. Spending and entire month’s pay on new tires and the occasional u-joint or clutch. (’70 LS5 ‘Vette. 510lb-ft!)

I wish that GM would allow their EVs and EREVs to get a little rubber. I bet they’d sell a bunch more of them! There is no reason Volt is so severely nerfed with 273lb-ft on board. I should be able to literally shred those skinny little eco tires!

It’s nice that Tesla lays down such an even dual line!

FWD cars typically don’t like too much torque. It will put too much stress on CV joints and sooner or later, it will snap that CV joints….