Video: Tesla Model S Owners Discuss 1 Year Behind the Wheel


What’s it like to own a Tesla Model S for one year?

Model S Owner Describes His Experience

Model S Owner Describes His Experience

Does 12 months behind the wheel heighten the enjoyment factor?  Or does the newness and coolness of the Model S begin to wear off?

Those questions and more are answered in this spectacular self-done video shot by Ryan Levenson, son of Model S owners Hugh and Karen Levenson.

Here’s the video description:

“One year ago my family took delivery of our Signature Model S Vin number 967. Since then we have loved every minute with it. Owning the Tesla has been an incredible experience. We made this video to share our experience with other potential Tesla owners. This is what it is like to own a Tesla.”

“Special thanks go out to my parents, Hugh and Karen Levenson. Thank you for for your help and patience. All of the interview answers were candid; I did not give them any prior warning as to what questions I would be asking about their car.”

“Thanks for watching!”

Hat tip to Ryan L, creator of this Model S ownership video!!!

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This is a great promotional piece. Tesla should leverage their owner’s PR Energy and create a gallery / repository, so it’s easier to find stories of the people who use and genuinely love their products…

Tesla has done exactly that: