Video: Tesla Model S Owner Jealous of Nissan LEAF’s Around View Monitor


There’s no perfect, one-size-fits-all EV out there today.

Bird's Eye View Monitor

Bird’s Eye View Monitor

Even the Tesla Model S, with it unmatched performance, lacks some features that you’ll find on other EVs.

But are those lacking features something that a Model S owner desires?  You bet, says YouTube uploader KmanAuto.

“Tesla DEFINITELY needs to add this to future versions of their cars!!!”

Says KmanAuto of the Nissan LEAF’s Around View Monitor.

What’s the Around View Monitor and how does it work?

Here’s what Nissan says:

Extra guidance functionality for the Around View Monitor

The Around View Monitor is a system that displays a virtual birds-eye view of the vehicle. For parking, the technology has been further enhanced to make it easy to understand, easy to use and easy to see. The Parking Guide is a display and voice guidance providing appropriate vehicle maneuvering assistance information for backing up and steering when parking into a garage or parallel parking, helping drivers to park more smoothly.

Technology Configuration

The fundamental configuration is the same as the Around View Monitor, utilizing four super-wide angle (180 degrees), high-resolution (1.3 megapixel) cameras on the front, rear and side mirrors of the vehicle. Footage from each camera is composited into a single sharp virtual birds-eye view image that, due to the use of super-wide angle and high-resolution cameras, allows the driver to see multiple views.

It sure looks like a trick feature to us, but we’re more interested in what LEAF owners with Around View think of the system and whether or not Model S owners agree with KmanAuto’s statement that Tesla DEFINITELY needs this.

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We’re rapidly approaching the point where side view and rearview mirrors will be obsolete. I’m not sure of the benefit of a forward facing camera on a car without a long hood.

So you don’t have to shift your eyes between the monitor and the windshield.

I always wondered where they put the cameras for the Around View. Nice.

Have it on my 2013 LEAF. It’s nice but not a must have since I don’t need to parallel park often where I live. I’m sure it’d be far more useful for those living in larger urban areas though. It certainly saves your tires, wheels, and bumpers from getting scuffed.

I have two LEAFs, both with Around View. It’s absolutely essential in the city. Love it. It’s even useful for backing up, as it covers a wider angle than a backup camera, so one can see pedestrians earlier.

BMW has a similar feature but with fewer cameras.

I’ll pay the retrofit immediately, I’ll save money if I can avoid scratch my wheels with the curve with my Tesla 21″..

didnt care for the camera at all

You should. Cameras are to mirrors as electric cars are to steam engines.

Around View sounds like a nice feature.

Tesla owners in cold climates ought to be jealous of the base Leaf S with its standard heated steering wheel as well.


I don’t think so we don’t need it we preheat the car.

The LEAF also offers preheating, but it can still get cold on the road.

Tesla is a cross country car and the leaf is not…. and I would rather wear my touch screen gloves.

Around View was one of the things that impressed me the most (!) when we did our Leaf test drive. We got a Volt instead, but I’ll tell ya, with all the *$%&#$*(#!! blind spots in the Volt, THAT is a car that NEEDS Around View….

I have the AroundView Camera on my Leaf and it’s critical because I park on a curved driveway with another car. Used to be a nightmare but now I never have to worry about parking, it’s SO easy!!

One of the fun things to do with the surround view on the Leaf is to roll down the window and stick your hand out under the mirror while the around view camera is on. The results are amazing!

Ok… What does that do/look like ???