Video: Tesla Model S Modern Spaceship


“Recent college grads sent us this stunning video and formed content agency, EVERDREAM. We had to share it.”

To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond

Says Tesla Motors.

This video is yet one more example of why Tesla itself doesn’t even have to bother with advertising its own products.

Tesla owners have done a fine job so far with becoming Tesla’s marketing department.

Surely there will come a day when Tesla advertises, but with excellent fan-made adverts such as this “Modern Spaceship” video, we’re not so sure Tesla could improve upon the efforts put forth so far.

Hat tip to Claes!

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very entertaining! Even better than those commercially made. Thanks for posting.

Very nice.. But didn’t GM do a similar commercial for the Volt?

And it was done by many others over the decades, before GM. Spaceships and car comparisons are an easy marketing concept to craft a commercial around…

What matters much more, is how well done each attempt is.

This spaceship is ban for sale in NJ, Texas among others inquisition mentality states.

This spot should be aired in those states. It would win hearts and minds. And that’s what ultimately wins revolutions…

…and this was exceptionally well done.

Hopefully Simon will incorporate these customer created narratives in Teslas’ increasingly corporate marketing, as Elon gradually steps back from that role. This is the kind of stuff I worry about the company loosing touch with, as it matures and expands.

Another way that Tesla reminds me of Apple, in that the users become the most dedicated groupies.

Inspiring products that sell themselves, often change the world.

In New Jersey, the commercial ends with the garage door opening on governor Christie, who tells the kid to get out of the car.

*Governor Christie*

“Thanks to me, your father illegally purchased that car in my state!” 😉

I have not seen a single commercial dedicated to sales of electric vehicles that could trump this one. When Tesla decides to advertise, they might want to get the people who made this video happen to do it. Seriously cool!

They’ll never need to. A compelling product sells itself and the world advertises it for you.


Truly Electric Spaceship Like Adventure

Making a better product that people love will always be a useful approach in business.
The Madison Avenue rules of advertising are history. When the message, and how it was delivered, was more important than the product. This iconic approach to selling products is fading. To a large degree this is due to the internet and people’s ability to become their own information hubs, both absorbing and producing it.

I hope there are Superchargers on the moon.

I would put my money on them showing up on Mars before the moon. Musk will want to take road trips during retirement…