Tesla Model S As Mobile Service Vehicle Spotted On East Coast

FEB 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 19

Tesla spreads the electric ranger fleet to the East Coast

Tesla encourages that the majority (up to around 80%) of car repairs can be performed without a visit at the service center.

The service is done at a customer’s home or work by Tesla Mobile Service (Ranger), which so far used mostly conventional vans. The ultimate solution will be an all-electric fleet, consisting of Tesla cars. And here is one of the Model S, converted to a Tesla service vehicle, spotted by Kacey Green on the East Coast.

It seems that Tesla is converting its older Model S, coming from trade-ins, which is kind of smart, especially since it helps to keep the used cars price a little bit higher (lower supply for customers).

We believe that the Tesla Model Y and pickup truck will be an even better fit for the Tesla Mobile Service in the future.

Frothe m video description:

“Tesla has taken a bunch of grief for servicing their customers electric cars with gas and diesel vans, Elon Musk tweeted that they would fix this after some people asked why they don’t use Model S vehicles or even the newly released (at the time) Model X to service their customers. This specimen is an example of what they came up with, take a Model S or Model X, remove the rear seats, install a safety cage and all the gear you would normally find in the service vans. Just like the vans these vehicles have custom racking to hold all the tools a Tesla Mobile Technician or a Tesla Ranger could want to do their job! Now getting your electric car serviced doesn’t have to spew a bunch of gas or diesel exhaust into the air.

It was tweeted that these vehicles would be coming from trade-ins and this one appears to meet that description as well, being one of the older units with the painted black roof, an option that was discontinued rather early, although this could be a black car where they skipped wrapping the roof, but I was lead to believe they start with cars that have white paint.

I cannot wait until my local Tesla Mobile Technician is issued one of these vehicles to work out of. It won’t hold a candle to his personal Tesla but it will beat the van in all the ways that count, hopefully with the extended wait time Charleston, SC has seen, we will be issued a Model X, the greater storage will allow the least disruption in their workflow as the Model X is actually bigger than what they have been issued here today.

That’s right your Tesla could be serviced with a Tesla. Your Tesla Model X could be serviced via another Tesla instead of a van that burns fossils. Servicing Teslas with Teslas, what a concept. I spotted this at the Alpharetta Service Center after they had officially closed for the day.”

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[quote]It seems that Tesla is converting its older Model S, coming from trade-ins, which is kind of smart, especially since it helps to keep the used cars price a little bit higher (lower supply for customers).[/quote]

Those older cars also have free supercharging for life. Taking it in-house means that Tesla are taking those free supercharging cars out of circulation. Probably a very sensible thing for them to do from a costs management perspective.

I didn’t even think of the removing free Supercharging cars from the pool, that is amazing!

Even a few hundred nation wide isn’t going to be a significant impact when compared to 250,000 vehicles currently.

Are you sure this is news? I see such a Model S, and speak to the mobile tech, regularly at the local Tarrytown supercharger site, and have for some number of weeks now.

The techs in my region have been asking about these since they were first announced. They’ve pretty much been told to stop asking they’ll get there when they get there.

Hopefully they get Model Xs

It’s a great idea to reuse the traded in one…What vehicles is being used for solar city?

This vehicle was spotted in Alpharetta, Georgia, for those wondering. Not sure why an article mostly about the fact it was spotted on the East Coast didn’t bother actually saying which state.

I saw these in the Phoenix area a few times last year.

Useful too, in that people will see the old Tesla Model S, which still runs great after many years, finding use as a service vehicle. It will have a positive psychological impact.

So this is what my next service van looks like.

Sounds like an opportunity for Tesla to sell preowned vehicles to other service industries as well.

I see them daily around SF Bay Area…

That just means that lots of services are being performed. =)

Still seems a very high priced service vehicle… A Ford Transit or Nissan 200 converted or bought as electric seems to provide more utility for much lower cost.

I was told by my local Tesla Ranger that is costs $80K for a converted Ford Transit.

Keep in mind Tesla acquires these below open-market value as trade-ins. And they’re much more capable of servicing them internally than they are with an ICE vehicle.

Exactly. They have a source from the off lease pool and can service themselves. This is cheaper than a new van. The down side is the firm factor is not very effective for tools and racks. That could add a small trailer with a rig of equipment and bins that they could switch out from vehicle t vehicle as needed.

…If only Nissan sold an electric NV200 in America.
Nissan: “When you need an electric van, we’ll let you know.”

I had a model-S service vehicle come to my house here in the Dallas area a few weeks ago to service the charge port on my Model-3.

I didn’t realize this was news. There was one of these working on a Model S outside the front door of my work (not great advertising the location really!)

Not sure what they were doing, they had the cars driver door disassembled – speaker work perhaps?

Model S it was very likely the door-handles depending on the vintage, my old Model S had all 4 handles go out separately and each got updated to a new design, one got stuck on the door skin and once adjusted didn’t have any more door issues until I sold it to get our Model X.