Video: Tesla Model S Listed As #1 Automobile That Changed the Auto World


If you ask an individual to name the first electric vehicle that pops into their head, chances are the name Tesla Model S will come out.

Model S

Model S

There’s no denying the fact that the Model S has been a game-changer for EVs, but is the Model S a game-changer for the automotive world as a whole?

Bloomberg News seems to think so and, as such, has listed the Model S among its top 5 automobiles that have forever changed the auto world.

“American industrialist Henry Ford was born in Michigan. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk hails from South Africa. Two men, two different worlds, one thing in common: They changed the game…but in the world of auto design, who finishes first? Bloomberg’s “Ranx” looks at the perfect union of form and function.”

Spoiler alert: the Model S is ranked #1.

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Looks like there’s going to be a ton of hate for that piece with the Model S being ranked over the Model T, and I think it’s justified.

There isn’t even the slightest possibility of the Model S changing the world as much as the Model T.

Model T wasn’t a technical innovation– it was all about evolving the production process using an assembly line, to produce it. That ushered in the era of affordable automobiles. The Model S is a radical technical innovation in its own right (propulsion, powertrain packaging, chassis design, wireless firmware updates, GUI access to Digital Control Systems, etc.) using mass production techniques learned since the model T, to lower costs and help kickstart the era of affordable yet compelling EVs.

So there is no reason to hate the comparison, or the “winner”. Everything builds on what came before.

I’d have to agree with Mint. Naming aside, comparing the Model S to the Model T makes no sense in my opinion.

The era of affordable EVs already started, and Tesla has nothing to do with it.

I’d even go one step further: by promising its 35k$ EV (which, if history is any indication, will end up costing measurably more), Musk/Tesla might be delaying mass EV adoption, if ever so slightly, by causing at least some people to wait instead of going electric today.

But the question isn’t “What was the biggest technical jump in one automobile?” It’s automobiles that have *changed* the auto world. The Model S hasn’t changed (and really, won’t change) much, based solely on it’s price point.

The Model E may be a different story.

I’d say that this is strictly for American cars. It’s fairly risky to ignore cars like the VW Beetle, Toyota Prius, Citroen DS and Traction Avant, they’ve brought much more to the automotive world than the Hummer or Delorean. I agree with the Model S, T and Jeep, but the other two just makes the whole list a favourite items list.

none of those cars are anywhere close to being better than the Model S

the vw beetle? ya that was a game changer LOL

they use gas

It is hard to compete with the Model T, the car that put everybody on wheels.

But long term, the indirect effect Model S can potentially be very large by setting the world on a course to fossil-less transport. That would have happened without the Model S, but much later. Hard to judge.

And consider that the breakthrough of the Model T was not so much the car itself, but the way in which it was manufactured. That is the opposite of what makes the Model S which is very different from other cars, but largely manufactured in exactly the same way as those other cars.

If it wasnt the model t it would have been something else, eventually someone would have figured it out.

regardless of the car

How about this:

– The Model T enabled our addiction to oil that has cost us dearly in many ways.
– The Model S has enabled our de-tox program…..