Video: Tesla Model S Goes 132 MPH On German Autobahn


German’s Autobahn is a unique highway network on which speed limits are not applicable.

As such, the Autobahn becomes the perfect road to discover how fast your electric can go and Martin Thomsen did exactly that with the Tesla Model S reaching 212 km/h (almost 132 mph) – see video below.

The question remains, will it go even faster after the special tuning for the Autobahn, as recently promised by Elon Musk?

Tesla Model S Höchstgeschwindigkeit Top speed

Tesla Model S Höchstgeschwindigkeit Top speed

Source: EV Network DK via Green Car Reports

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Speed is electrically limited so it could be as simple as changing the limit threshold.
On the physics side, trough the tires propelled vehicles, can access about 400 mph.
Between 132 and 400, you choose although 400 might take more than the top power available.
It must be noted that a four wheel drive Model S would be capable of a higher top speed since traction could be transmitted on the front wheels as well. However this is only noticeable in the extreme so it won’t make a difference for 200 mph or even 300 mph. Of course if you want to push the limit around the 400 mph, it becomes imperative. Any think above demand another means of push like an electrofan or a rocket.