Video: Tesla Model S Gets Modded With HRE Wheels


Well technically there is no significant ‘news’ in this video of a Tesla Model S getting outfitted with some fancy new HRE rims, the quality of the video itself lead us to pass it along.

The quality behind some of these amateur spots centered around the Model S is really quite impressive.

Videographer Tam Lam says of his experience filming this spot:

“I was lucky enough to receive the chance to film a ‘2014 Tesla S P85’ getting ‘HRE S104 Rims’ put on. I spent a lot of time editing, probably 15+ hours along with learning some new techniques as well.”

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7 Comments on "Video: Tesla Model S Gets Modded With HRE Wheels"

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Oh no, Elon gives you great standard wheels and supercool 21″ ones, yet, you find a way to ruin the looks of the car, congratulations…

I’ve seen worse. Remember those wheels Tesla offered for a few weeks that looked like a knight’s shield or something? They were terrible!

The space station manhole covers, you mean?

Yeah, thats them, UGLY! No wonder they dropped them…

I just don’t get the whole aesthetic of rims/wheels. I just seems to be pointless expense to me.
I prefer functionality to style. Of course if something can be functional and stylish that is fine with me.

I think it looks awesome.

+1, I am a hot rodder so I like the custom look