Video: Tesla Model S Gets Matte Wrapped for Stealth


This here wrapped Tesla Model S is the stealthiest electric Tesla we’ve encountered.

Model S Gets Wrapped

Model S Gets Wrapped

The matte black works.  It transforms the eye-catching Model S into a subdued version of itself.

Yes, it still stands out, as a Model S always will, but there’s something about its matte appearance that makes the Model S look downright mean.

If it weren’t for the cost of wrapping (approximately $3,000) and tricky upkeep (the life expectancy of the wrap is a few years), this is how we’d finish our Model S (if we owned one, that is).

What’s your take on this matte black stealth machine?

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I’d wrap my Tesla in reflective chrome.
Something like this if it works.
[img] [/img]

Like Bieber did with his Fisker Karma?

God that is such a simultaneously beautiful and hideous vehicle. How could Fisker have gotten it so right yet so terribly, terribly wrong…and I’m not even talking about the stupid chrome.

Sure it looks cool, but if I could afford an S, I’d want the whole damned world to see it.

I am very happy with our multicoat red Model S.

nice best color available enjoy!

I’ve always preferred mat to shiny. For pictures, for computer screens and for cars. Why don’t car makers offer it as an option? Why do all cars have to be shiny?

A silky, smooth clean car has a slightly better drag coefficient than a dirty car, which is effectively covered in a “aerodynamically rough” layer of dirt. These matte paint jobs, even if they look cool, seem somewhat like giving your a car a “permanent” dirt-like surface.

The one and only Fisker Karma I saw was wrapped with a matte, carbon-fiber wrap. Looked sexy!

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