Video: Tesla Model S Gets Blacked Out


The stealthy blacked-out look is what we’re after here at InsideEVs.

Model S Blacked Out

Model S Blacked Out

If you’ve seen our sales scorecard, then you’ll know that black is where it’s at.

We’ve been told that the color black somehow extends range and makes for a quicker, lighter ride.

We’re not sure of the physics behind this black-is-best phenomenon, but we’re sticking to what we’ve been told.

With that in mind, the more black the better, right?

Who’d want chrome when that slows you down and kills your range?  Not us.

While this video shows you how to eliminate that range-sapping chrome from a Model S, the DIY techniques used throughout could be applied to any plug-in to increase range black it out.

Tesla Model S Black Out Window Trim with Plasti Dip. Step by step guide how to turn chrome window trim to do it yourself black window trim using plasti dip

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8 responses to "Video: Tesla Model S Gets Blacked Out"
  1. kdawg says:

    I like black (most of my cars were/are black), but I’m getting tired of the blacked-out look. Time for something new/different. Has anyone ever done a white-out? Maybe the next thing will the OLED’s (if they are ever legalized), like Toyota’s Fun Vii concept.

    1. GeorgeS says:

      I agree kdawg. The blacked out look is way over worked already. Blacked out is “out” in my book.

      1. kdawg says:

        I keep seeing more & more Sparks in my area. They are all bright, fun, colors. It’s refreshing to see some color actually.

        1. Red HHR. says:

          I so badly want a Red Spark.

    2. Tesla Fan says:

      there is nothing wrong with a blacked out s

  2. Red HHR. says:

    Plasti-Dip? I was expecting Black Chrome, something that actually looks good, especially when combined with a deep candy apple red.

  3. Steven says:

    It must be a “West Coast” thing. The only cars I see with black-out are the Boy Racers. But I imaging if there’s enough demand for it, Tesla might offer it as an option. At least that way the underlying part will sill be covered by the warranty.

  4. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    I want a Model S(tunt ship).