Video: Tesla Model S “Gallons of Light”


Sometimes a video is so visually stunning that words can’t do it justice.

Such seems to be the case here.

Rather than wasting words describing this 61-second Tesla Model S “Gallons of Light” video, we’ll simply drop a link to Jordan Bloch’s (director/creative director/producer of “Gallons of Light”) blog site, which explains the video from the director’s point of view and in far greater detail than we could ever imagine doing.

Keep in mind that Tesla did not fund this video/commercial.  It’s the independent work of Jordan Bloch.

Bloch’s client list includes Nissan, Nike, British Airways, Skittles, Addidas and so on.  He’s no amateur when it comes to spectacular video work.

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Gotta call Bovine Scat on this baby.

This is the type of stuff that damages EVs public image. They need to be seen as practical, cost effective and able to utilize energy from any source. The sun was involved in the production of coal and oil. Burning it simple recycles the chemicals captured originally.

Could not disagree more. EVs need to capture the imagination of people, to inspire them, to make them want to change their ways for the better, not to be seen as simple appliances. The double standard set for EVs is absurd.

I am 100% with you on that vdiv. I hear where you are coming from Shawn and we spend a lot of effort justifying cost. One of my few articles written was on justify cost. Buy my first and favorite is capturing the sun as a real alternative energy source. The commercial is not a pipe dream. For many (myself being one) have made the leap to energy independence here and now. The truth of the matter is, the people who can afford a Tesla will be more likely to accept the vision now.

If you want normal people to be inspired, let them know the vehicle is as quiet and efficient as a Prius, can accelerate to 60MPH in less than 4 seconds, and can do this using domestic fuel that costs 1/5th as much as gasoline. BOOM… .sold.

My impressions…

Great presentation of a great looking car. Great visuals. Inspiring, but way too much “green speak”. Totally ignores the car’s incredible performance and efficiency that only EVs can offer. Totally ignores the cheap domestic fuel advantages, and ignores the convenience of refueling in your garage. A casual non-tech viewer might even think the car is solar powered.

Nutshell … nice commercial, that could have been a great commercial. Probably better than any Leaf or Volt ad I’ve seen. At least nobody got mauled by a polar bear. 😉

I loved it. However, selling a pure EV as a legitimate road trip car is risky at present – give the Supercharger network more time to expand first.

on a normal curve you guys are at 3 standard deviations

that doesn’t help develop the popular appeal of EVs

Great spot. Needs a chromed 3D “T” logo at the end though, with the rotating highlight on it…

It gives you enough “feel good” to hook a potential customer to go look at their website. It’s nearly perfect.