Video: Tesla Model S Cross-Country Rally


“On January 30, 2014 Tesla Motors embarked on the journey of a lifetime. The plan was to drive two Model S sedans across the United States, powering them for free on the newly completed cross-continental Supercharger network. In addition, the team would set the world record for charge time of an electric vehicle driving the across the US.”

Says Tesla Motors in describing the video posted here..

Details of the entire Tesla Model S cross-country rally can be found in our previous posts:

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Nor Sand Could Stop the Model S

Nor Sand Could Stop the Model S

Neither Snow

Neither Snow

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why is the video “private”?

Also get a “This video is private” error.

Looking for another version of the video now. It did work initially. I’m assuming Tesla took it down for some reason.

me too!

Hopefully it comes back up soon. It was literally up for like 10 minutes before this post went live. Now, for some odd reason, it’s gone.

It was mostly just a recap showing some of the various driving conditions, Supercharger stations etc. Some nice aerial shots and so on. Drop a link if anyone sees it come back up somewhere.

vimeo is blocked also.
and it is not the first video doing that…

Works for me.

I dig the video. I would prefer Jo Jo Gunne run, run, run.

Very nice video. 🙂 Hope it scares the cr*p out of any automaker that just grudgingly makes compliance EVs, or no EVs at all. 🙂