Video: Tesla Model S: -32 Fahrenheit Outside – Toasty 90 Degrees Fahrenheit Inside


With the polar vortex that recently hit most of the US with a blast of frigid air, a lot of hoopla was made over electric vehicle performance in sub-zero temps.

Tesla Model S Warm and Toasty on the Inside

Tesla Model S Warm and Toasty on the Inside

Sure, bitterly cold weather diminishes EV range, but few stories hit the Internet explaining the benefits of owning an EV when the mercury dips below zero.

Thanks the YouTube uploader Kman Auto, we see how the Tesla Model S fares in frigid temps (not from a range perspective, but from a pre-conditioning of the cabin viewpoint):

“Just hopping in my Model S at -30-32*F Outside. Boy oh Boy is it nice and warm inside. OVER 100*F WARMER inside the car then outside! -30 outside, 90*F Inside :)”

“No hassle starting the car, no dead lead acid batteries, Just hop in and GOOOOOoooooooo…….”

As you’ll see in the video, a nearby ICE vehicle had trouble with that ever-so important GOOOOOoooo part.

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Thermal management goooood.

Wow… how impressive… just like I do with my ICE….

Nothing new. ICE vehicles have had options and add-ons for decades that have allowed vehicle pre-warming that is much cheaper than a Tesla. Although for safety reasons it is not advisable to use a remote starter on a vehicle with a manual transmission. Also in some places it is not legal to use a remote starter or run a vehicle unattended.

I pre-heat my car in my attached garage. That can’t be done in an ICE (unless you’re ok with fumigating your house). So that IS new.

Just put a hose on your exhaust – it’s as easy as plugging in an EV.

That’s what I was thinking the nice thing about a EV is you can start it up in your garage and it won’t harm you with the flumes which is a common killer when people sometimes leave their ice car running in their garage.

Who on earth would leave an ICE car running in the garage? That sounds like one of the dumbest things you could do.

Of course it can be done. There have been engine heaters around for more than half a century. There is no problem stepping into a warm car with the engine pre-heated while having in it a garage.

Nothing new under the sun… The biggest difference is that it’s a feature that all EV’s have unlike an ICE where it’s optional and extras involved to get it.

Old news… but it’s great that the EV isn’t worse than my ICE, that in itself is a win.

I’m sorry but it is 32 degrees warmer than claimed at the coldest part of day here and our streets and sidewalks look nothing like that video. Southern Californians wouldn’t know, but there is just a way a cold street scene looks. Also the Model S was in the sunshine so that improves the situation greatly.

He’s claiming it was -32 during the video? Without any frosted breath? Gimme a break.. This is also the guy who says there’s no heat generated by cables with 330 amps going through them…

Poor attempt at comdy.

Also no frosted glass anywhere, not on houses, nor on the ‘out of commission Lincoln’.

All the greenery on the trees is also somewhat suspect.The neighborhood has the ‘look’ of my neighborhood at plus 30 deg F, something I haven’t seen in a month.

I’d give him that it could possibly be plus 10 F. But around here, you can see your breath at anything under plus 15 F. Problem is he’s claiming its 40 degrees colder. \

Doesn’t pass the smell test. How about making another video holding 2 analog thermometers uncovered for several seconds?

Forty years ago, living in the midwest, I and most everyone else ran a block heater. Instant heat and easy starting in the worst weather.

-32, no gloves, yeah he’s from WI 🙂

This thing reminds me of the Sunoco commercial from 40 years ago where they “froze” a car in a block of ice for 3 FULL DAYS !!!!! And the car started!!!! (Problem is in my part of the country 31 degrees is extremely HOT. All cars start easily at this temperature, and crank at normal speeds. It hasn’t been that hot here in over a month) I have an attached garage that is 19 degrees fahrenheit. Yesterday, when it was 5, I placed my 6 kw emergency generator outside to do its once a year exercising. Every time I pulled the recoil I moved the generator frame, thats how hard it was to crank. After it warmed up for 10 minutes, I shut it down to see if it was still as easy to start as I remember, which it was, after the oil warmed up and the water boiled out of it. My frustration is I’d like to see a REAL video such as mentioned by Norwegians on Tesla Motor Club. They say if you shut the driver door too hard in the cold (not the hot weather of this video), the driver door window will crack. Also, the… Read more »

What a fine dressed man. Not!

Is that Hagrid from Harry Potter?

My only question is whether it really is MINUS 32. It definitely looks cold but I didn’t see any breath when he talked. Is that reasonable?

Looks more like Plus 30 or else I’ll grant him at the outside plus 10, but -32? He said his nuts are freezing, but if this was the real deal, his exposed hands would be much colder and they’d freeze at anything he touched. But I don’t respect this guy since I’ve already caught him shading the truth, saying 330 amps through a charge cable doesn’t generate any heat at all, which of course physically impossible.

His dash said -4 and that’s after an hour of warming the car. I also looked at the temps in that area of WI for Jan 6 & 7, and the lows were in the -20’s. So that particular spot could have hit -30 that night, or that may have been w/the windchill.

Wind chills don’t count and is that -4 centigrade? He said it was -32 degrees which at that temp there is not much difference between F and C since at -40 they are the same.

Fahrenheit. Wind chills count to humans. My thoughts are, it was -32 overnight (with the windchill), and probably still very chilly that morn, as 6am is typically the coldest part of the day. The video looked like it was at about 8am, so ~2 hrs of warming in the sun.

All of this is really besides the point that it was freakin’ cold.

For the record, my Volt has no issues in -20 degree temps (and that’s not wind-chill) while in EV mode. But the engine struggles a bit to start up in the morn (ERDTT)

Yeah he said the wind chill was -58 F, Uh huh with no gloves on, and touching metal parts outside. And no frosted breath..

Another very nice Fairy Tale.