Check Out This 3D-Printed Rear Tesla Model 3 Seat Lock: Video

JAN 28 2019 BY MARK KANE 13

Smart and simple

All those who would like to better secure the Tesla Model 3‘s trunk from thieves receive a new, brilliant solution.

It’s a simple 3D-printed locking mechanism, developed by Jon Osborne, who not only presents it but also shared all the files to make your own.

It could be a valuable security device, especially when so many thieves are trying to steal precious cargo. Usually, they are breaking the rear corner glass, reaching their hand in and folding down the seats to see if you have anything of value in the trunk. With this locking mechanism, that will not be possible.

Separately, Tesla is developing Sentry Mode, which will be using Enhanced Autopilot cameras to:

  • give owners a 360-degree look at their car while they’re away
  • option to record footage for use later (10-minute clips)

Source: Tesla Model 3 rear seat lock details, Teslarati

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13 Comments on "Check Out This 3D-Printed Rear Tesla Model 3 Seat Lock: Video"

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They’ll still break the rear corner class to see if its locked or not.

So, maybe add another color piece on the latch side to indicate this car is protected by special trunk latch that won’t be easily defeated like the other designs that only needs a simple screw driver…

They’ll still break the rear corner glass out of spite.

Pretty slick design. I doubt I will get them since I don’t live in California.

Waiting to see if Sentry mode will be available on my non-EAP optioned Model 3.

That was already confirmed as a YES by Elon on twitter

Awesome design. It’s so cool what people can do with 3D printers.

Be careful what you wish for. 3D printer can make fully semi auto bolt action revolver assault weapon that burns ghost powder 30 times in half a second. As with all things, it can be used for bad.

So can your keyboard.

Apparently, you don’t know the danger of full semi auto shooting magazine clips.

Can’t wait for the day when I can just 3D print the whole new Tesla.

Then you change your name to… TM3x3 ‼️

Really cool design.

This is far more “professional” than the other design…

However, it won’t stop thieves from breaking the small window to make an attempt.

Maybe adding another color piece on the handle side to “warn” potential thief that this design will be much harder to defeat so don’t waste their time…

I would pay for this pieces.

Granted, make plastic mold for this can easily run into $50,000+. So, it better have large enough demand before someone would attempt it.

What about its resistance in a crash?. Will the luggage break the seat locks, burst into the car and hurt the occupants?.