Video: Tesla Model 3 AWD Winter Driving Experience


The Model 3 All Wheel Drive handles pretty well in snowy conditions

Right now, most can agree that the Tesla Model 3 AWD is one of the most fun cars to drive. The vehicle features a range of over 310 miles (500 kilometres). The vehicle is able to accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.3 seconds, alongside pretty good handling. And in the end, there are only a few vehicles that can match it in its price range.

However, the daily driving utility and the safety aspect of the all-wheel-drive system in precarious conditions is the main reason why some have bought this vehicle. And this is especially true for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere where winters tend to be harsh & snowy – even with all the global warming effects hitting us lately.

For the tech enthusiasts from The Buzz, having a snowy day is the perfect opportunity to test out the capabilities of the Model 3 AWD. Certainly, we’ve seen plenty of winter test drives like these in the last few weeks, but this one is a bit different. However, while others have tested a Model 3 AWD equipped with winter tires, this test is done with a vehicle featuring the All Season tires. And this should make things fun!

As you will see from the video above, the Model 3 seen here is put through various tests which resemble real-world situations. From pulling out in a snow covered parking lot, all the way to object evasion maneuvers and regenerative braking assisted stopping. It’s all there.

From the look of things, the Model 3 AWD is fun to drive in the snow. The vehicle comes with 19-inch tires (a worrisome feature for some), but it handles pretty well even with those. The evasion maneuvers are done without too much drama, even with higher speeds involved. In the end, we can say that this Model 3 – even with the all-season tires – handled itself just fine.

To find out how this Model 3 All Wheel Drive did in this short test, press play on the video above.

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Wasn’t there a video here the other day showing an AWD M3 stuck on a mild incline? Bottom line, if you want to drive in winter, get winter tires!

I don’t know why US drivers are so adverse to spending money on Winter tires. Much of the US is in areas where it is really important, and the performance difference is amazing. A FWD or RWD vehicle with winter tires will out handle and brake an AWD with all season tires. The only thing the AWD might be better at is traction getting moving.

” . . . . why US drivers are so adverse [averse] to spending money on Winter tires”.

It’s probably because there are many drivers in large swaths of the U.S.A who don’t see real winter conditions for more than a day or two, if at all. I’m one of them. No way am I going to lay out big money for wheels & tires that sit in the garage for years while slowly aging away. The story is different for residents of the North-east, Mid-west and other neighbours of Canada.

Then AWD would be a fantastic waste of money for the majority of people in the USA I guess… people buy way more vehicle than they actually need. We’d all be better off buying smaller vehicles and just renting from a pool of actual SUVs for the handful of days per year we need one.

AWD cars are absolutely a waste for most people in the US. But, most people operate on fear and don’t u derstamd that AWD doesn’t help with the most important part of driving…. braking.

I bought the RWD LR M3 when it was available. I wouldn’t do an even trade for the AWD or performance version because they’re so much less efficient and I need every bit of range i can get in winter.

Thanks for the typo fix 🙂 I am averse to driving in adverse weather.

I agree, but even in areas where snow tires are really necessary people buy AWD first, they generally don’t look at snow tires. Then I see said AWD vehicles all over in ditches after a snow.

Snow tires aren’t idiot proof, but they really make a huge difference. I don’t think people even realize how much. Snow tire companies should do more marketing. Most places north of I-84 to I-80, much of Colorado, and North of I-80 east could use snow tires.

No one who values their safety uses all season tires around here, AWD or not. All seasons and AWD probably make for a more dangerous combination actually as they would instill false confidence. The first time you need to take real evasive action or emergency brake…

Video seems broken. Just zooms into the image. Or maybe I’m missing something?

Will fix. Thank you!

This guy in the video has no clue on how AWD cars can do on snow. At 10mph, just about any AWD with decent all season tires should do exactly what the Model 3 can do assuming they have good traction control in get going.

can’t get the car slide out at 13mph? LOL.

Turn first and then brake.

Once he speds up a bit, it was losing control still and braking distance was terrible. That is exactly why you would need snow tires instead of all season tires.

I wouldn’t call going at 10mph as “can’t get it losing control”…

AWD is needed if the area gets really hilly.

Steep hill with sharp turns would need AWD. Of course, AWD with snow tires are even better.

There isn’t enough snow to execute a proper AWD video.

All, it does not necessarily matter how much snow is on the ground there are more factors than snow at play here. For example how cold it is and what the road conditions were before the snow fell. You can easily slip and slide with .5″ of snow doing 5mph or 20mph. AWD drive vehicles are made to help keep the car on the road and equally balance the turmoil that can come with hazardous road conditions as it pertains to rain, snow and ice. It certainly isn’t a perfect video but the point is well taken and dont forget once you let off the accelerator in a Tesla regen kicks in, so he may not have been breaking as much as you think.