Tesla Model 3 Performance Review: Gearhead Admits EV Power Is Magic


Gas-powered fast car and racing aficionado gets his first taste of an electric car in the Tesla Model 3.

It seems he wants a second helping. Perhaps a third!

Track Day TV covers high-performance vehicles. However, despite the long-time availability of the Tesla Model S P100D, the channel has never taken the plunge and driven an electric car. This is true about the vast majority of the world’s population. To be honest, EVs aren’t generally on most people’s radar, let alone that of a YouTube channel that covers such vehicles as the Mustang, Hellcat, GT-R, and Corvette. However, it’s high time to add the Tesla Model 3 Performance to the short list.

Track Day TV started making videos about eight years ago, but promptly dropped out of the game to pursue a job in the movie industry. Now, he’s back at it, and the Model 3 Performance called his name. It’s clear that making quality videos is his calling, but there’s a lot more to this video than cinematic imagery and scripted acting. There’s nothing we love more than seeing a gearhead’s opinion of electric cars immediately transformed. Time and time again, the Tesla Model 3 has proven itself as one such car that can achieve that task.


Well, because it’s powered by magic, of course.

Check out the video and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Track Day TV on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance Review | A Super Sedan Powered by Magic

We all heard about the P100D. But what about it’s little brother, the Tesla Model 3 Performance? For the first time in my life, I drive an electric car and find out what this fuss is all about.

Track Day TV is a channel dedicated to performance car reviews and building an extensive database of their acceleration times. At the same time, I strive to deliver content in a cinematic and visually pleasing style with honest opinions from a guy who spends most of his free time racing his cars.

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Ok, I’m gonna say it—- that was douche-tastic.

0:39 paint job not so great…

Nothing to say about anything other than a 1 second clip of the hood? Did it have a paint defect? Bad lighting? Bad video quality? Dirt? Who cares?

Could be a poor wrap job.

I don’t know if he loves the car or not, but sure loves himself. It’s a video akin to Chris Harris on Top Gear being blown away by how good the car is, but not yet reconciled himself to the fact that as petrol heads, they love their Dinosaurs and now see what really matters.

He says it all when he says it’s soulless and he prefers his Merc that is fun and loud. Traslation: to him, loud=fun.

I mean, I’ve slept with attractive quiet women, and average loud women. I’ll take the sound any day. Most humans can hear, and sound does impact how we feel.

I’m curious if sound impacts our perceptions with an EV’s acceleration. If they sounded like an ICE, would it make a person experience the acceleration differently? As in, is the silence in the EV’s boost leading to reduced hearing cues, making the acceleration *feel* more abrupt and unexpected… when in fact it’s not all that different from a fast ICE?

I’m not saying it is or not, but it would make for an interesting experiment. Have an app that plays engine noise in the EV, and see if the acceleration feels different.

It’s just nosatalgia, the new generation of enthusiasts would not be interested in loud (=inefficiency) cars. They would associate that with their Harley riding uncle. These cars will be popular for uncle Bob, but Johnny prefers his spaceship oh wheels.

Emotional attachments to hardware is relative to the generation that was born into it. It changes with time and spawns its own generation, bringing with them a new kind of nostalgia to cling to.

There’s not right or wrong in emotion, progress is what matters in the end.

So what you love is audio of a woman screaming and a tube of hand lotion.

Nothing says you can’t have both.
I have my Tesla and my V8 ICE. The experience driving them are totally different but they’re both fun.

For motorcycles, sorry, just can’t get wrapped around electric motorcycles.
Love electric bicycles though. An electric motorbike just feels too much like a bicycle. No vroooom.

I found him pretty hilarious, but I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or not!!! AHHH *mind blown* I think the guy is being serious about his feelings for the car. People who drive some of the best sports cars in the world all the time will experience this car differently than say a Prius driver who decided to upgrade to a TM3 Performance, who will be completely blown away. I think he makes a good point though. The car drives great… but it’s soulless, and yet he acknowledges that this is the future. It’s why people love classic cars. They’re not great cars.. but they have character and soul. You can work on them with your own hands. You can tune them and modify them and put on aftermarket engine parts. It becomes a work of art. How do you do any of that with a car like this? I hope ICEs die a fast death… but it’s still sad. Sort of like old houses with tons of character are eventually torn down, only to be replaced by a more efficient cookie cutter house that’s better in every way, but just comes off as soulless. (P.S.… Read more »

I think he’s just not ready for the future.

He compares driving a car to making love to a woman? Assigning human characteristics to an inanimate object? Must have watched Disney/Pixar Cars once too often.

Or the Cadillac ELR ads.

It’s pretty much similar to the nostalgia for steam powered locomotives, one generation removed…

Hard to read a guy who shows no emotion. His deadpan “kinda sucks, huh?” was classic!

If he tried autopilot on that road with no lane markings, it’s no wonder it freaked him out.

These are the tradeoffs when moving from one technology to another. I’m sure buggy riders lamented the loss of the clip-clop sound of horses and the leisurely pace of travel compared to the newfangled automobiles that would follow. A century later and internal combustion has defined to soundtrack of speed. It will eventually be replaced by electric motors. Will we lose something in the process? To a degree. Each technology defines its time. If one wants the visceral feel of mechanical combustion and gear actuation, tap into machines past and present. There are plenty to choose. Electric power is the future, even if it is a bit antiseptic in nature. I’m just glad we can still pilot these machines. There may come a day when autonomous cars crowd the human-driven versions off the roads, regardless of how they’re powered. I think I’m beginning to sympathize with the Amish.

Let’s make BEVs sound like horses! Gallop at high speed, then trot as it slows, clop clop clop to a stop, then a whinny.

Kinda like an ASMR feel.