Watch Tesla Model 3 AWD On Snowy Incline With Stock Tires


Driving on packed snow up an incline often isn’t easy.

Here we see a stock Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor attempt some simulated start/stop climbs up the slick hill.

Fitted with the stock Michelin MXM4 tires, the Model 3 struggles at times. For snowy locations, we’d always recommend a proper set of snow tires be fitted at all 4 corners.

The lack of winter tires aside, the Tesla manages to move, though its pace is a bit on the slow side and there’s definitely some wheelspin here and there.

Video description:

Curious about how the Tesla Model 3 handles the snow?

This video shows the Model 3 climbing a modest uneven surface on packed powder snow.

This Model 3 is a stock Dual Motor with the stock Michelin MXM4 tires.

My original intent was to show the slip start menu feature. The traction control worked very well. The slip start feature is only for deep snow, mud or sand and not shallow snow and ice.

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24 Comments on "Watch Tesla Model 3 AWD On Snowy Incline With Stock Tires"

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Imagine what it could do with the proper winter tires.
Double Diamond runs, baby!

Lose the music.

My wife has an X with stock tires, driving on snow and ice is like it’s not even there. Holds the road and you don’t even feel any spin inside.

I agree with lose the music. Irritating enough to quit video before end. Also not impressed with outdoor videos that don’t use a windsock over the mic.

Would love to know how constant the throttle pressure was here.. maybe no way to tell without driving it myself.

Were you pretty steady on the throttle or letting it stop again every time it started moving? (what i’m assuming i saw)
It looks like for sure you always paused just before crossing the shoulder of the upper road.

How much of the hesitation in movement was the car itself limiting wheel spin when you held steady accelerator pressure?

It is very clear that they are intentionally letting the throttle off in order to simulate multiple starts from a dead stop.

A steady throttle pressure without letting up would have been much, much smoother with less tire spin. But it wouldn’t have shown the ability of the car to start moving from a stop.

Monentum works wonders too. Starting from a dead stop is impressive.

Snow type, ice and incline being factors. Sometimes powdery snow is easier to navigate. While not deep, this snow sounds a bit crunchy indicating icy-ish which can be harder to deal with.

Wonder how my 19″s would cope….

The weak point of traction control at low speed is the brake actuation. If they had one Motor for each wheel they could much better avoid the slipping.

My RWD with studded Hakka 9’s would run circles around AWD on stock tires anytime in winter.

Agreed, RWD with snow tires is far better than AWD with all season tires. Now AWD with snow tires…

I most 4 snow toores on. A RAV4 and it easily outdoes. A CR-v AWD with standard tires … tires make a. Amir difference in both starting g as well as all other forms of driving

Just shows that AWD is useful in getting the car going when they shouldn’t be driving on that all season tires.

Of course the winner is AWD with snow tires.

Why do people always put music on their videos? I’d rather hear the tire noise.

I would beat this car easily in a Toyota Aygo with snow tires.

Well, you’re not going anywhere without proper snow tires, ever try to walking on ice wearing tennis shoes ?

Great video! Next time when you’re printing something on the video on a white background please try not to use white try to use a darker color so we can all read it better. Secondly maybe a different kind of music would be good to? I don’t know but the Tesla Model 3 is amazing and it’s a fantastic car for anyone whether in the snow or not thanks for providing a wonderful video to show how safe it is!

That is not a hill. Its too flat.

I tried, but the music did me in after about 10 seconds

My experience with the stock tires is terrible. They are spinning as soon as the road is wet. I’m snow is more of a slip and slide than driving. I felt really unsafe.
I’m very happy with the winter tires I got now though, although it’s a bummer they don’t come as an option with the car.
Who sells a 50k$ car that has more torque than a Porsche and weighs 3800 pounds with all weather tires? Just sell it with a good set of Summer and winter tires.
They claim to be the safest car around, but they cut corners on tires which are literally the only direct connection to the road.
Don’t get me wrong I love the car. Best one I’ve ever driven. But the tire situation is just bad.

You ever heard of rolling resistance in evs? Use your head man.

Others in CA, AZ, FL, etc need winter tires?

Wow that music. Had to quit the vid after 20 seconds.

It’s all about the tires and a lesser extent how intelligent the awd system is. That’s all that matters.

How about doing the same test on several other AWD cars with traction control? This video doesn’t provide any useful information about the Tesla Model 3. It appears the idea was to make it look bad, but a fail!
PS: I don’t own a Tesla, but do own 2 other AWD cars, both with all weather tires.