Video: Tesla Model 3 LR, AWD, Stock Tires Vs. Chicago Winter Storm


Stock tires … Midwest winter. Not necessarily the best recipe, unless it’s an EV like the Tesla Model 3.

It sure has been an interesting winter in the Midwest. In fact, the last several winters have been strange. If anyone still had doubts, it has become increasingly clear the climate change is taking hold. This year, we were fortunate to have mild weather and little precipitation in November and December. Even much of January was pretty tolerable. Then the flood gates opened, and we’ve had snow storms, ice storms, and bitter temps leaving children out of school for nearly a week at a time.

While dealing with this cold snap and tough road conditions is far from fun, we’re fortunate that the last month or so has been the perfect storm for winter weather vehicle testing. So, how does the Tesla Model 3 deal with a winter storm in Chicago? We’re talking about four to five inches of fresh snow and unplowed suburban streets.

This particular Model 3 happens to be of the Long Range variety, and fortunately, it’s all-wheel drive. But, it’s wearing stock 18-inch all-season rubber. All-seasons would not be our first recommendation for Midwest winter driving. However, we know that many of you have commented that the Model 3 is likely much the same as any other compact/midsize sedan when it comes to driving in snow and ice.

It’s important to note, however, the many electric cars utilize a skateboard design, which means the very heavy battery pack sits beneath the floor. This creates a low center of gravity and provides the extra weight necessary to keep all those tires firmly planted. Not to mention the magic of all-electric instant torque and the highly advanced traction control technology that comes with such a setup.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts and experiences related to winter driving in an electric car.

Video Description via Pure Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 vs Midwestern Winter

I took the Model 3 (LR AWD with stock 18” all-season tires) out right after our latest winter storm – some partially plowed streets, some not plowed at all. Check out how the Tesla handled!

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Snow is still drivable with new all season tires when it’s height is below that of the body clearance of the vehicle. It becomes a major problem if you start having to plow through it though. AWD doesn’t get you much then if your tires can’t pick up the snow and use it for traction.

Nice happy face on the first signal. I wonder if all lights in Illinois have a happy face on the signal lights.

I think it is up for discussion regarding the use of standard regen versus low regen in the snow. Some claim that the standard regen is built for snow because it transfers regen braking to the wheel with traction.

Thanks, much better.

I hope they eventually offer the SR with AWD.

40 cm of snow on they way tomorrow here in Canada (15+ inches).

I pick up my new 2019 TM3 AWD or D last Wenesday and drive it on dry road, but we had a snow the next day with icing, rain and I can tell that this car has outstanding grip and manner on those slippery roads.
Friday I went to a tire shop and install Nokian R3 Hakkepelita, now it feels like a snowmobile!
I just don’t see this car getting stuck.