Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Beat Ford Mustang GT: 40-100 MPH


The Model 3 is soul-less.

But it sure goes like hell.

The well-informed know that the Tesla Model 3 Performance is really a beast. It’s got that instant torque and all-wheel-drive magic that makes it fly off the line. But what happens when we switch it up a bit. Is the Model 3 fast when it’s already rolling?

This video times the Model 3 Performance from a fast roll at 40 MPH up to 100 MPH. The Model 3 Performance fares extremely well for its price class. In fact, it beats the Ford Mustang GT with ease.

We’ve included a video screen grab of the 40 to 100 MPH chart so you can see where the Model 3 places. As you can see, it performs mighty well from this fast role too.

Video description:

We know that the Tesla Model 3 Performance is capable of a 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and a ¼ mile time of 12.1 at 114MPH. But how does it perform with rolling acceleration in the 40-100 range where most races or highway pulls take place?

Track Day TV is a channel dedicated to performance car reviews and building an extensive database of their acceleration times. At the same time, I strive to deliver content in a cinematic and visually pleasing style with honest opinions from a guy who spends most of his free time racing his cars.

You can check out the full soul-less review of the Tesla Model 3 Performance from Track Day TV here.

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Model 3 “soul-less”? … I disagree with the video on that.

Like saying an ICE car is soul-less… because it does not have that special authentic aroma that comes with a horse drawn carriage.

You have to make really loud noises and spew out contaminants to have a soul I guess.

Yes that’s what a sports car fan likes… “Ya this car is quick and handles great but just not enough contaminants…” My next car will most likely be a BEV but an electric motor does have less character than most sports cars with the right ICE. One electric motor pretty much sounds like the next and they have identical torque curves. It’s possible to think that we’re better off with electric cars but recognize that they’re not necessarily superior in every way.

That’s what the older generation of car fans like, but nostalgia changes with generations, I don’t expect many people would pick up a Blackberry over an iPhone today, despite the loss of the nice tactile keyboard.

Well, he just made up his own definition of ‘soul’ that does not equal an EV. Based on his definition, the louder the car is, the more soul it has. Or the more effort it takes to read a book or the stronger the scent from the book, the more ‘soul’ it has.

I am sure something similar was said with the transition from steam engines/diesel to combustion engines.

Ridiculous, I hate cars that are obnoxiously loud but there’s a big range between that and silence.

“Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”

Tesla’s may be soul-less, but at least the guy in the video sure is a ball ‘o’ fire…

“Soulless” in this context basically means an activity does not have the specific physicality of its predecessor. An e-reader does not have pages and paper and ink, like a book. Streaming music does not have a disk and grooves and tonearm and record jacket to hold and read the way a vinyl record does. Typing on a laptop doesn’t have the clatter and ink and bell and loud clunks of a carriage return that a manual typewriter has. And a performance EV does not have the explosions and noise and smoky vapors and mashed gears that a sports ICE has.

So for someone used to the older tech, new tech may soulless; missing parts of the experience from the old tech.

With time, the feeling passes. New tech that offers concrete benefits will take its place. Someday someone will mourn the lack of a motor whine and feeling of being pushed back in your seat, when matter-energy transporters replace powered vehicles.

Yes new tech is usually better overall but not usually in every way, especially subjectively

I’ve had a fair share of American V8s, German V8, inline and flat 6s as well as turbos, but now all those engines seem to be too noisy for me. I would take my current P3D over any other machines with noise. Silence rules!

Silence AND Torque Rule.

I would love a Model 3 that didn’t look like a late 2000s Mondeo throwback 🙁 Lemme know when they have a 300km AWD rally hatch like the early 1990s WRC cars and I’m there.

Well if it does the quarter mile in 12.1 seconds then it pretty much matches a Mustang GT with the auto.

The P3D is a brick after 80 mph. They excel in the mid range, 10-80 mph. This is the downfall of Tesla’s single speed motors. The GT probably chases it down up top.

Exactly! Tesla owners and fanboys don’t seem to understand that

That’s just a design decision. It’s good enough to earn the car first place in the global time attack, beating out cars like the Porche Boxter for example.

All you have to do is add a second gear shift, you can see that by looking up the Rimac EVs, not many legacy hypercars can catch that monster.

A motor’s power band is 0-15000rpm, an engine is somewhere in the 2000-5000rpm range usually. Imagine how much trouble an engine would have without a gearbox, and then imagine how car companies would have designed cars if that limitation didn’t exist.

You can design a mainstream EV with a second gear and make it pass hypercars with a big expensive EV grade gearbox, but why would you? It’s not practical, sell it in its own niche instead.

That might probably make you feel better when you defintely lose your 1/4 mile run.

P3D does the 1/4-mile in 11.7 seconds at 125MPH. I’ve not seen a *stock* Mustang GT that can match that. Most of the GTs I’ve run against are high 12s and often 13s.

Oops, I meant 115MPH. 125 would be well into low 10s. Also, in fairness to the Mustangs, my races have been at nearly 6,000 feet, so those Its would generally be running 10-20% less HP.

More disadvantages for ICE cars – normally aspirated and choke at high altitude. Turbo – and wilt in the heat.

I drive a new Honda Civic Turbo on the freeways in Dallas where there are lots of Teslas and I’ve never been beat by one yet. I guess most buyers just don’t drive them like that.

Or most people are courteous and safety-minded enough to understand that a public road is not a race track.

Honda Civic ?? You’re funny!

But it has a turbo!!!!!

“Why so serious?”

“I’m not gonna lie.”
That youtuber’s metier is to create clickable content, and he does it. I’m unconvinced, however, that it in any way makes him the arbiter of soul.
Where is the soul in using recorded data from non-contemporaneous acceleration runs of multiple cars? A side by side roll race would better fulfill the supposed soul requirements of the audience than thumbing through a paperback copy of ZMM.

This guy is a complete tool, if that office park wasn’t a closed circuit.

So the Tesla is as quick as a car that costs nearly $40k less? So amazing!

The P3D starts at $59K, most should be able to qualify for the $3750 federal tax credit and addional state/local incentives which is $2500 in CA, so $52750…The base GT Mustang with the ten speed auto is about $40K with many reporting with dealer discounts around $38K…Side note that Ford just released a supercharger which doesn’t mess with your warranty w…Still a far cry from “$40K less” yet I do understand your point, for the Tesla’s MSRP, a Shelby, ZL1 or a Hellcat would have been a better comparison…

kinda funny seeing this guy talk about something being soulless with such a deadpan demeanor

Speaking of soul-less, this guy is no James Brown. No energy.