Watch Tesla Model 3 Drift On Snow Without Track Mode

JAN 29 2019 BY MARK KANE 4

“60% wheel slip and it’s a party”

Sasha Anis from Mountain Pass Performance just shared a new video from a test of a Tesla Model 3, equipped with VSC Killer, which not only disables the Vehicle Stability Control, but allows you to select various traction control maps with different levels of slip.

The video presents a 60% wheel slip setting and drifting on snow, which seems like tons of fun.

“Our VSC Killer has progressed leaps and bounds in the last few months, with the newest firmware offering multiple traction modes for grip driving and drifting. Simply plant your foot and let the module control the slip for you!”

At first, the team figured out how disable the traction control and hopefully soon the VSC Killer will be commercially ready to override the car’s traction control with users settings. Sounds like a perfect upgrade for enthusiasts.

“Here is a quick video after spending countless hours behind the monitor writing the final code for our VSC Killer module. This module allows the user to select multiple TC maps to varying levels of slip. In the following video, we’re targeting 60% wheel slip and it’s a party!”

Let the slipping and sliding action begin.

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Not enough smoke 😉😁
This is how you do it

I would not want to be breathing in all that burnt rubber. Someone should do a long term health study of people that frequent drift competitions.

Awesome. I bet they can trick the battery cooling system to run at 100% to minimize overheating.

Looks like fun to me ‼️