Tesla Model 3: Ceramic Coating Versus Clear Bra: Video


So many choices these days…

Which one is right for you? Or, rather, which should you apply to your car?

There’s nothing unique on the paint side when it comes to the Tesla Model 3, so this would apply to any car then. However, Tesla enthusiasts seem particularly interested in protection. Paint protection, that is.

So, what does one of the top detailers think about the ceramic coating versus clear paint film argument?

Watch the short clip and you’ll soon find out. Hint…a bit of both makes for the best all-around protection for your Tesla, or any other car really.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 – Ceramic Coatings vs. Clear Bra

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I’ve got OCD as well.

So I have both on my BMW.

My car always looks shiny and brand new.

A bit pricey but worth it IF you are wanting your car to be fully protected.

Wish he talked a little bit about cost too

They aren’t FREE?

Both my Model S and Model 3 have R1 Coatings Ceramic Coating. USA made not imported.

Those products are not mutually exclusive and are used to protect from different types of damage.

First thing I would do is ask Jay Leno.

To make it look pretty do the ceramic coating (and they do look great after that work), to truly protect it, clear bra is the only real choice currently available. Remember, if ceramic coatings really did what they say (and this is key) were as durable as they say, premium manufacturers would already offer them as an option.

Not really a valid logical leap. Car manufactures do not want to offer something that is labour intensive and takes a lot of time. Many car dealers in europe offer some sort of coating (at a markup) performed locally before delivery of a new car.

have suntek film on cars as well as ceramic on other surfaces. had peoople key the car or massive rocks ricochet and film never failed. besides it is self healing. ceramic reinforces the paint and minimizes ding penetration but no compariosn to film. ceramic best for areas at lesser risk such as B C pillars rear and top. a pillars placed film after a rock dinged it. never again. oh and cannot tell i have film…

The pricing can vary for sure.
So many brands so many options.
Make sure you shop around. At The end of the day the detailers experience speaks volumes.